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 Why do you ride and how long have you been riding? DEVIN: I ride because it’s fun.
I started riding when I was three and racing when I was five.
JETT: I ride because it’s fun and to get the girls! I’ve been riding for one year.
Who’s your favorite rider and who helps you out?
DEVIN: Ryan Villapoto is my favorite rider. My dad helps me out.
JETT: Ryan Dungey is my favorite rider. Keith, my stepdad and my mom help me.
What’s your favorit track?
DEVIN: Freestone. JETT: I like Ponca.
What are your current goals?
DEVIN: To win a little, get top five at Mammoth, and go to Loretta’s
JETT: To win and race at Pala.
Do you have any sponsors?
DEVIN: TNT Racing Group, Mika, 100%, Fly Racing, WPS, Hairdo by Corbie, Dunlop and Dynamic Designs. JETT: TNT Racing Group, Fly Racing and Hairdo by Corbie.
Are yo married? Kids? What’s their names? How did you meet your spouse? How do they support you? DEVIN: Not yet.
JETT: I’m married, but no kids. We met in school and she writes me love notes.
What is it like racing against family and friends?
DEVIN: Intense and fun! I like to stuff my friends in corners.
JETT: It’s fun. I get to test my speed out. v
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