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 The Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker 425, presented by Impact, hit the desert of Arizona. It’s the
longest running race for Arizona and one of the extreme courses throughout the western part of the state. The start is on the east side of the airport and leaves the town of Parker traveling through the desert as far east to where some people stated they could watch by Alamo Lake. It crossed the Central Arizona Project twice, and the course had a common
checkpoint called the Midway which can be reached by turning North from a small town named Bouse. You simply cannot miss this town. First off, you must slow down to 45 mph and second, if you are into any type of military stuff, you must look at the self-propelled howitzer, the tank and other military items by the side of the road in the center of the little community.
Last year, by lap one about one third of the racers had broken. This year by
lap one I did not see the all the same vehicles come by for a second pass. It was publicized that there was fifty- plus Trick Trucks, and roughly over two hundred plus total racers were participating in the event. There was a six o’clock start (yes, in the morning) and it was still dark outside, but thanks to manufacturers like KC Hilites, the dark skies were lit up until that big orange ball crested the horizon and for when the sun made it to the west side
and those racers could travel into the dark as it set for the evening.
It was a warm and dry race but at the end of the night Andy McMillin took the win in the grueling four-lap race in the Trick Truck class. If you are interested in more Best in the Desert racing follow them on their website Also check out some of my action photos at www. v
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