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 By Spinning Wheels Photography
  The 80/90’s fad of souping up a short wheelbase, transverse- mounted front wheel drive car to
go fast and play loud music still holds together up to today, from drag racing to show cars and everything in between. This past March, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park hosted the 8th round in the Import Face Off for their 2018 season, a series that crisscrosses the United States to hold their program.
I’ve been to many car shows, even import, but I find that import car
owners really express themselves personally through their vehicles. The paint job is the main feature of the vehicle, it shows solidarity. A trick set
of wheels and tires are next. Then it is the motor, where they add & polish the chrome and tidy up the wiring. No one can ever build a car and not do anything to the interior, after all, you must ride in comfort. Tuck and roll was very popular back in the days, but it seems as a good solid racing seat will work just as good. Finally, a car is not complete if it does
not have good tunes. So take out the back seat and put in a pair of 12-inch woofers to thump. A lot of these cars of today’s hot rodders are works of art on wheels.
What I found to be very appealing were the drift cars. For just a few thousand dollars you can build a car built specifically just for smoking tires, that whole exhibition of speed from the stop light or even parking lot doughnuts is all wrapped up at the track. Your best friend is the tire shop.
Our drag racing editor Hal is a cracklefest type of guy. He would have enjoyed the import version as the owner reved their engines up to about 7 or 8 grand to make them pop and spit fire. Wear ear plugs, though, as some feel the need to have several cars going at the same time.
For all you import car owners, Import Face Off will be returning to Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park on October 28. For tickets check out their website at v
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