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incident causing a yellow flag. There was a change the top five on the restart. Coming into turn four on the final lap, Brody held his position to take the checker and the championship for this class. Coming in second was Bronsen and Knupp took third place ending
the season. Congratulations to Brody Eggleston on his win in Modified Kart Class.
This was the year’s Inaugural Turbo Production UTV race finals. Two drivers, Paul O’Brien and Arizona’s Corry Weller were the only drivers who had a shot and Weller had a twenty-five-point lead over O’Brien for the championship in this class. At the start and the finish
of lap one Weller had the title sown
up over O’Brien. Now the crowd want
to see the outcome of the mains, with Weller, O’Brien, Myles Cheek, Robert Van Bleekum and Elliott Watson topping the class for several laps. O’Brien was always on Weller’s rear bumper but she was keeping the peddle down keeping O’Brien at bay. On the competition yellow restart, O’Brien tried to pass Weller but she shut him down (as with every attempt he made). As It came down to the final lap Weller had about a second lead which was enough to take first place and the season championship giving O’Brien second and Watson third. Congratulation to Corry Weller and her team putting this class on the books for future seasons with Lucas Oil Off Road Racing.
Pro 2 had Rob MacCachren with about a thirty-point spread over second place RJ Anderson with third and fourth close behind. Anderson Jerett Brooks lead the pole. After opening ceremonies, the pack of fifteen trucks came around on the land grab start as they moved into turn one three-wide. Coming out
of the first turn it was Brooks who was able to keep MacCachren in second with Anderson, Rodrigo Ampudia and Brian Deegan as the top five. The main action
was with Anderson and MacCachren
in the battle for second and third as Anderson was the only driver that had a shot for the class title, and in lap three MacCachren came out of turn three a little slow letting Anderson move up while Ampudia also fell back letting Deegan and Bradley Morris move into fourth and fifth. This pace was held until lap fourteen when Deegan and Morris moved passed MacCachren. MacCachren’s pace appeared to be slowing and Ampudia took advantage of this and made his move up one spot. The pack was coming out of turn three heading into turn four as the heat was applied. Anderson swept first place easily with Brooks took second. At
the last second Morris passes Deegan on the finish line steeling third place. MacCachren rounded in at sixth. This was, however, more than enough to give him the championship in Pro 2, congratulation MacCachren.
The biggest class of the afternoon
was Production 1000 UTV with twenty vehicles. Defending champion & points leader Brock Heger, just had to start
and finish in the middle of the pack to secure his title. On the running start, it was three wide. It was give and take to the start/finish line when Jason Weller passed the pack of vehicles taking an early lead. Following behind his for the top five was Heger, Jeremy Houle, Myles Cheek and Robert Stout. In the next lap Heger passed Weller. Then in lap three Weller rode in on two wheels and this gave Cheek tried to take an opportunity to move up one place however, Weller tried to hold him back. Somehow the two met going into turn four and Weller got hooked with Cheek and Cheek end up rolling over. Cheek’s ride was bent and had to be towed off the course which brought out the yellow flag. On the restart the order changed with Heger, Houle, Stout Mickey Thomas and Nathan Barry taking in the top
five. On lap ten Houle passed Heger in turn three. Then on lap eleven Heger
put it up on two wheels and Stout took advantage moving up one place. This was the order as the class passed the finish line. Houle took first place followed by Stout and Heger. Heger had enough points to finish his class as the champion in Production 1000 UTV, congrats Heger.
Only thirteen point separated leader Darren Hardesty Jr and Elliott Watson in the Pro Buggy class. The first lap it was Watson, Hardesty, Chris Nunes, Trey Gibbs and Matthew Brister pacing as the top five. In lap two Nunes fell to the back moving Gibbs, Brister and Bud Ward up. On lap four Ward passed Brister for the number four spot. This stayed through the competition yellow, when Ward
slid into Gibbs coming out of turn one, both came away clean with Ward soon afterwards taking the third spot. Watson and Hardesty toyed with each other and Ward increased the gap between third and fourth. This was the line up all the way to the finish line as Watson takes the first place, Hardesty taking second, and Ward held third. Hardesty was crowned the champion in Pro Buggy class for the third year in a row, congrats Hardesty.
Brandon Arthur was under fifteen points behind Ryan Beat and a thirty- point total separated the top five in
the Pro Lite class, this was going to
be the go-to race of the afternoon. Kyle LeDuc filled in for Arthur who was injured, and took his place on the start. As the pack made its way around the course Beat led them followed by Heger, Mickey Thomas, LeDuc, and Christopher Polvoorde paced in the
top five. In lap two a full course yellow came out when Cory Winner lost the entire front wheel as he came to a stop just prior to the start/finish line. On the restart the top three drivers held their position with Hailie Deegan over taking LeDuc for fourth. In the next lap
LeDuc was again passed by Anderson
as Anderson moved into fifth position. Just before the competition yellow came out Polvoorde passed Deegan to assume fifth and Heger moved Beat to second. In the restart the top five were Heger, Beat, Thomas, Anderson and Polvoorde. Trevor Leighton and LeDuc had a run-in which caused LeDuc to drop out of the race, make Arthur falling out of the running for a title run. After another restart both Thomas and Anderson passed Beat, then the next lap Polvoorde passed Beat, who looked to have issues with his truck. By this time Beat had assumed eighth place. It was Heger, Thomas and Anderson passing the checked flag to finish the season in Pro Lite. Beat’s getting passed the finish line in eighth place was more than enough
to seal his championship win in Pro Lite, Congrats to Beat on his win.
Pro 4 closed out the final race of the National season. This class also had a tight point span with about 10 points separating RJ Anderson and Doug Mittag, while Kyle LeDuc was just over 15 points behind him, while Adrian Cenni and Greg Alder had less than a 10-point spread between them. Going into the mains, Anderson had the title secured in Pro 4 if he finished the race. A DNF would be the only thing keeping him out of the running. On the parade lap it was LeDuc and Cenni sitting on the pole with Alder and Anderson in row two and Mittag in row three. By the end of lap one Mittag led the pack followed by Cenni, LeDuc, Randy Minner and Scott Douglas rounding the top five. In lap two Cenni barrel-rolled back onto
all four but moved back to last position, while Adler moved up one more place. In lap four Mittag in turn three put it up on two wheels and while trying to save it, put his truck nose first into the K rail. He was not able to pull it off in time, and it brought out another full course yellow. A few laps later Cenni
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