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 by Spinning Wheels Photography
   Destry Abbott taking First Place overall in the Vet Class. Way to go Destry!!
Next to Supercross action the next best action would be Endurocross. Watching the riders punishing their bikes as well as themselves to maneuver a track made of boulders, massive logs, huge tires (and sometimes your competition) if they misjudge the track.
La  year Phoenix was treated to the  r  annual event. This pa  October 28th, Endurocross returned to Phoenix as  op  ve of a seven venue series sponsored by the Bonnier Corpo- ration, the AMA and Law Tigers of Arizona. Once again, the event was held at We world of Scottsdale. It has shown to be a great venue for the event. Enough room for a tight course and plenty of seating for race fans.
Making a comeback to racing after a long  ght with cancer was De ry Abbott. He had to set aside racing to compete in a di erent race, the race to health, which he has overcome. With some extreme workout programs and the determination to get back on two wheels, got back to what he loves mo , racing! Abbott showed the VET class that he was there to do business. He came out of the gate and rode the track as it he owned it. Abbott walked on to the podium with a  r -place win in the VET class.
After talking to the promoter, it is looking like Phoenix may also be on next year’s calendar. It was not disclosed on the future location for the venue, but two years running at We world of Scottsdale might hint on next year’s location. Incidentally, Holger Dettmann was this year’s longe  travel- er to the phoenix area, coming all the way from Germany. v VOLUME 7 – ISSUE 4 , 2017 101

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