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 For an off-road enthusiast, one of the keys to be a true enthusiast is checking out all the new products
that are coming out on the market. With the big craze in the recent release of
the Can-Am UTV, plus the increased product support for those on the
market already, vendors are exposing the public to these new items to the off-road community. You may have only read about them in some of the printed magazines still on the shelf or through web-based media, but to see it in person, feel the durability and speak to the reps from the manufactures, the only place to do this would be at an expo.
Every year in Scottsdale, AZ, the city hosts Arizona’s largest off-road
showcase at Westworld of Scottsdale, presented by Nitro Tires. I have always like going to expos of different types. There is the collection of pens and cards to remember the vendor’s name and products. Some vendor will be selling the world to you, either a set of rims and tires or a camper to fit on the top of your vehicle. You can never go home empty- handed.
Let’s get back to the UTV craze. As I walked into the event the first thing that caught me was this old-style military Jeep, which in fact was a converted UTV with kit plastic to look like a Jeep. There are also truck kits and some other vehicles to make your UTV into something totally different. How about a full-length skid plate, or the newest
item was a “fix” for your Polaris front differential?
The Expo is not just about UTV’s, either. How about LED lighting, differentials, rims, tires, exhaust systems, seat belts, radios.... and the list could go on and on forever. The Off-Road Expo welcomed in a new sponsor, Textron
Off Road. Textron hosted an onsite test drive of several different models. All of them looked very comparable to the big name brands, which also included two different models of electric UTV’s in the lineup. I personal did not get a chance to do a test run as the lines were long and the two grandkids were in hyper mode.
A week prior to the Expo, the LOORRS race was in town and as one of the Off-Road Expo sponsors,
the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series presented a demo with a couple of the Pro Truck classes and several of the Kart divisions. Also in the off-road pit were Dirt Alliance and The Terra Crew. Both groups were holding ride-a-longs to some willing participants. And yes, the was even a freestyle show for the motocross junkies, presented by Keith Sayers.
If you missed out on this year’s event, do not worry, you can always visit the next show in Pomona, CA, September 29 & 30, 2018 or wait until next year when the Off-Road Expo returns to Arizona. v
By Spinning Wheels Photography
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