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 In another story I’ve written, I told how the National Lucas Oil Off Road Series finished up their season.
Now let’s move ahead a few weeks and we have the Lucas Oil Regional AZ Series with their last event for 2018, November 3rd & 4th at Wild Horse Pass Motorsport Park.
First out of the gate was the RZR 170 class. The drivers jumped as the green flag dropped and into turn one they were two and three side-by-side; but as they make their way into turn two the pack thins to single file. Carson Greco took the lead followed by Jessie Owens, TJ Siewers and Chaden Minder. This was the lineup for several laps even through a competition yellow.
Several laps later Owens lost her position moving back
to fourth. The white flag came out as the pack
moved through the track and as they make their way to the start/finish line Greco took first followed by Siewer for second and Minder took third.
Next class up was the Jr 2. The pack started out great with Niko Lopez, Brayden Beatty, Kyle Orlando leading the first
third. In Jr 1, Federwisch was first and Ford second.
RZR 570 had only four drivers. This class is still new and only a few vehicles showed up. It started out with an
early lead by Jessie Owens with Ryder Chapman sitting on her rear bumper, followed next by Ryder Van Beekum and Allie Christian. As them came around for lap two Chapman got around Owens and held the lead. Owens made several attempts to pass Chapman, but he
was able to hold her off. As this group crossed the finish line Chapman took the checkered flag while Owens took
class. The rest of the class all ate the leader’s dust, but in Unlimited UTV class Ryan Lindsay took first, Jim Price was second and Jax Redline third.
On the start of the Mod Karts John Holtger took an early lead. Following next were Bronsen Chiaramonte, Mia Chapman, Ethan Ebert and Jaden
Uribe rounding out the top five. By lap two Mason Prater moved into the third spot forcing Chapman back to fourth, while Luke Knupp took fifth. Someplace around the competition yellow,
Holtger moved several spots back and Chiaramonte took the lead with Knupp
McCormick took the lead with Brandon Kilgore, Jason Weller and Scott Webster topped the Sr1 division and Fonz Denny, Greg Baum and Lyn Grant leading the Can Am division. McCormick basically walked away from the pack which left Kilgore and Weller to battle the next
two spots. When the checkered waved, McCormick took first, Kilgore second and Weller third in SR1. The Can Am winners were Denny with first, Baum took second and Grant in third.
Next group out was the Open Pro/ Open V8/Mini Stock class, with only three vehicles entered. Ricky Gutierrez driving a Pro 2 class vehicle, John Proctor driving a Pro Lite and Mark Zimmerman driving what look like a
Pro Lite. This race was easy to call. On the start Gutierrez took off and
developed a twenty-second lead on Proctor and Zimmerman was back
almost a full second. During the competition yellow the group was back together. Then Gutierrez on the restart left them in his dust. The order for the finish was Gutierrez then Proctor and Zimmerman bring
up the rear. Production
1000 UTV’s were next in line. Once again Paul O’Brien was in a battle with a Weller. This time it was Jason Weller. Both Weller and O’Brien sat on
row one, with Weller taking the early lead. O’Brien tried to
move on him but could not and Will Munns moved into the second spot. On the competition yellow restart, O’Brien tried once again but this time Munns held him back. On the white flag lap both Munns and O’Brien tried once more to challenge Weller, to no avail. As the trio crossed the line Weller sealed
his victory while Munns (only .854 of a second behind) took second and O’Brien was third.
The final race of the night was the Pro Buggy and Limited Buggy classes. In the Pro class were Matthew Brister, Brady Whitlock and Trey Gibbs. In Limited Buggy it was Will Wing, Shane Prescott, Brittney Proctor, Kent Lothringer
and Jennifer Arlia. As the green flag
h Sie
Story and Photos by Spinning Wheels Photograpy
         lap. By lap two
the order changed
when two drivers
locked bumpers
and one driver
was rolled over.
After the restart
Owens fell back
a few spots while
Karaston Hernandez
up. By lap eight Hernandez was able to get in behind Lopez. As they raced for the checker flag Lopez took first with Hernandez took second and Ebert third.
The third group out was the Jr 1 and RZR 250 classes. Chaden Minder and
TJ Siewers sat in row one on the poles for the RZR 250 class and Ayden Ford and Kaylee Federwisch in row two for the Jr 1 class. This race had a smooth start. Minder, Siewers, Federsisch, Ford and Ryder Van Beekum all drove in the order throughout the entire race. As both classes eventually crossed the finish line Minder took first in the RZR 250 class
second and Van Beekum third.
Production Turbo and Unlimited
UTV ran as one event. Starting up on the pole was Weller Racinig’s Corry Weller and Paul O’Brien in Production Turbo. Both drivers wanted the win in this class but only one could walk away with the trophy. On the green flag, both drivers hit the pedal and by the time they reached turn two Weller had taken the lead. The real battle came after the competition yellow restart. Weller held off O’Brien on every attempt he made. As O’Brien tried one last time to move around Weller, she made a hard push and pulled away as she crossed the finish line Weller took the victory while second place went to O’ Brien and Chance Haugen took third in Production Turbo
moving around Prater
for second. Prater tried one more time
to move on Knupp with no luck. As the checkered fell,
Chiaramonte took first while Knupp took second and Prater was on Knupp’s bumper for third.
Next out was the SR1 and Can Am race. This race got off to a rough start. When the checked flag dropped it was
a mad dash going from two to a row to three in a row, all trying to get into the lead. By turn two the group bunched up causing a full restart. Once again, the flag drops and three to a row all the way back to turn two, where it happened again, a big pile up with yet another restart. This time the vehicles were lined up in a single file line. Now there was
a good clean start as everyone made it around for the first complete lap. Bryan

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