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dropped the Pro Buggy class all pulled away rather quickly. They held their pace at about a half-track spacing. The competition yellow came out and the lineup packed back together. Halfway through lap six Brister and Whitlock came together in turn three. As they came out of the turn Brister started an end-over-end roll to bring out another
yellow. After the cleanup and restart Whitlock seemed to have some vehicle trouble and left the track, never to return. This gave Gibbs a clear win in Pro Buggy. The Limited Buggy class held
on avoiding all the wrecks to hold their positions. Wing took first in the class while Prescott took second and Proctor third.
There was a Powder Puff race to end the night. Big thanks to the ladies that hopped behind the wheel and ran some laps. Taylor Webster, Jacey Orlando, Jeani McCormick, Jennifer Miller, Harli Shaw, Aunt Fifi, Vanessa Victoria and Toni Jones. Track worker Wilma ‘Big Pimpin’ aka Willie who run the starting line was given a shot at racing as he
spends his whole race day lining up the drivers.
See all of you in the 2019 season. To keep up to date on all of the Lucas Oil AZ Regional races bookmark their website at www.lucasoilregionalaz. com or to see my photographs
you can go to my website, www. v
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