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 October 13-14, 2018
The Arizona Offroad Promotions Payson GP in Payson, Arizona proved to be the most challenging race of the year, with torrential rain and resulting mud. The GNCC-esque race was a rare sight in Arizona and the first muddy race the series has seen all season.
The youth of the series started on a clear and rain free morning with the Peewee Bikes taking the track first. In the 65cc C class, Miles McHugh took the win with Danny Baca & Colson Skersick rounding out the podium. In the 50cc 4-6 Year-old class, Brayden Almendarez took the win with Jace Letner & Emek Letner right behind. The older 50cc 7-8 Year-old class had Cooper Skersick, Luke Utterback & Ryder Yates on the podium on a fresh track.
won the Open Mini class. Top 10 in Mini with Anthony Luna, Joshua Utterback Austin Snyder right behind, and Andrew Bikes are as follows: Brett West, Keegan   &Tyler Snodgrass taking the top three   Simmons, Ron Suor & Erin Simmons Hardy, Porter May, Matt Bernabe, Trevor spots. Dave Van Voort ran his first race finished closely to round out the Pro class. Supalla, Brooke Grinter, Heath Stillwell, in years and won the Master 50+A class, Top 10 results are as follows: Andrew Gunner Deatherage, Evan Roslan and followed by Brandon Roberts & Gary Simmons, Ron Suor, Travis Tarno, Erin Jason Trubey. Peterson. Richard Heyer took a win in Simmons, Todd Ellsworth, Francisco
The Peewee Quads came out next, with the Master 50+ B class, with Ken Eldridge Lizarraga , Mike Morgan, Austin Snyder, Lane Johnson taking first in the 50-79cc finishing close behind. Billy Dipley, Brian Nick Helton and Michael Tsosie.
4-6 Year-old class, followed by Emma Perry Jr & Jesse Belcher finished top Lastly, the UTV’s took to the muddy Martinez. Brenden Turner, Brayden in the Open A class, and Greg Vander track and blasted through the deep pools Earlewine & Jack Wilson rounded out Voort, Tim Dana & Dustin Queen took and thick mud. Tom Wilson won the the podium in the 80cc+ Beginner class, the Open B class. Open C was taken scarce Pro class, Todd Waling won his and Tavin Freeman, Landen Johnson & by Grant Sanders, followed by Weston 850cc class, Chase De Sousa Dias won Gabriel Simmons took the podium in the Atwater & Jesse Powers. Wyatt Perry the 900cc class, and Robert Olander took 80cc+ Advanced class. was the only Pro to come and ran a clean his 1000cc Non Turbo class with Kody
The Mini Quads were next up with Carly race. Jason West and Tom Estella took Winiecki & Barry Bennett right behind Center taking first in the 250-400cc class, the Senior 40+B class, Nason Benson him. Last but not least, Kali Kinsman took followed by Tyler Tsosie & Dakota Hibler. took Senior 40+C, Cody Perry took the the 1000cc Turbo class, with Neil Carse Kolbie Lang won the 91-300cc 10-15 Vet 30+A class and Brad White took the & Chad Fisher taking second & third. Top Year-old class, followed by Robert Dearth Vet 30+B class. Lastly, Mike Kamminga, 10 results for UTV’s are as follows: Kali & Kasey Snyder. Top 10 finishes for Mini Ryan Kohl & Travis Steinfadt took 1-3 in Kinsman, Robert Olander, Neil Carse, Quads are as follows: Kolbie Lang, Robert the Vet 30+C class. Overall top 10 are as Tom Wilson, Chase De Sousa Dias, Chad Dearth, Carly Senter, Tyler Tsosie, Kasey follows: Wyatt Perry, Billy Dipley, Hunter Fisher, Kody Winiecki, Jeff Kery, Clay Snyder, Dakota Hibler, Wyatt Rock, Noel Guiboa, Collier Martinez, Brian Perry Jr, Winiecki and Todd Waling.
Brock and Tyler Savage. Jesse Belcher, Curtis Bradley, Donovan The Payson GP proved to be a The Big Bikes took the track in the Gross, Greg Vander Voort and Brad challenging course with conditions rarely rain, with the track turning slick as ice and White. seen on the west coast. Next race is the the flat portions filling with massive water Racing through even deeper mud and Havasu Havik Grand Prix on November holes. Austin Alexander won the 125- more rain, the Big Quads took to the 3-4 at Crazy Horse in Lake Havasu City,
    The Minibikes were next, with Collin
Steele taking first in the 65cc B class,
with Bryce Petrie & Marley Kuhn in
tow. Representing the women were
Ruby Valadez, Emilee Carter & Rebecca
Lowery taking the top spots in the
Women’s C class. Keegan Hardy won his
80-150cc A class, and Brett West, Porter
May & Matt Bernabe took the podium
in the 80-150cc B class. Trevor Supalla,
Brooke Grinter & Heath Stillwell ran 1-3   Collier Martinez & Tate Van Voort. The   Morgan & Nick Helton; Travis Tarno won
250cc A class, and the top three finishes muddy track. Francisco Lizarraga won AZ. More info at v for 125-250cc B were Hunter Guiboa, the Sportsman class followed by Mike
 in the 80-150cc C class and Danny Baca
125-250cc C class saw more competition the Expert class with Todd Ellsworth & VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 105 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 105

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