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 It’s hard to believe it has been ten seasons total of Lucas Oil Off Road Racing: if I remember right, it has been nine here in Arizona. It seems like just yesterday I was helping cut and
water the dirt to get it ready to build a track. Arizona racer Rob ‘Fig’ Naughton had approached Dan Matthews, – the owner of Speedworld, looking to just build a test track at first. The next thing I know, we were really building the track for our first race. I really miss those days.
Now we jump ahead to 2018, where the LOORRS holds two events here in Arizona, and either an opening or second race for the season openers and one to close the season. This year California was to open the 2018 season, but just like the regional series, foul weather was predicted so the race was postponed and moved here. Arizona’s event was pre-planned as a night race this past April at Wild Horse Motorsports Park in Chandler, and good thing, as by the middle of the month temperatures were already knocking at the door of the century mark.
There was a very exciting race for an Arizona young man by the name of Mason Prater in the Mod Kart Class. Prater and Luke Knupp started on the front line together. Prater took off as the green flag dropped and, by the end of lap one, was up front holding the lead for several laps. Prater had bicycled his kart causing him to drop a few places. He managed to stay in the top five, but with two laps remaining, somehow Prater cleared the vehicles ahead of him and was back up front leading the pack. He held this lead all the way to a checked flag which also gave him his very first National victory. Bronsen Chiaramonte came in second place and Knupp took third. As they drove up to the podium, all you could hear was a very excited Prater race team yelling in the background.
After opening ceremonies, Pro 2 led the mains. Rob MacCachren
was the favorite to win in Pro 2. MacCachren led the pack with RJ
Anderson right behind him. While all the action was in the third
through seventh place areas MacCachren stayed out front. In the
last lap, Anderson had some car issues which dropped him out of
second place. While he tried to crawl his vehicle around the track,
Jeremy McGrath quickly filled the second spot with Jarrett Brooks
debuting in his first national race behind the wheel of a Pro 2 and
taking third. VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 2 , 2018 107 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 2 , 2018 107
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