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 Pro Buggy had a very good competition   2018 season and into the new slot in the   until a stalled vehicle forced the yellow.   Scott Douglas, and Greg Alder rounded
   with class rookie Trey Gibbs. Not new to the larger vehicle (as he had raced Pro Lite and Mod Karts) Gibbs led the race for a brief time while holding back Trevor Briska, Sterling Cling, Eliott Watson and Brady Whitlock. Gibbs had put some distance between himself and second place Briska by lap seven when a competition yellow came out. On the restart Gibbs, Briska, Watson, Cling, and Bud Ward rounded out the top five as they all went into the next lap when Gibbs and Briska came together and Watson came in from behind causing Gibbs to spin out forcing him to the back of the pack, from where he was never able to get back to the front. Briska moved into the lead and held it all the way to the checkered flag for his first-ever national win. Following was Cling in second and Brister in third.
racing order. As TV watched, the green flag dropped and they headed into turn one, with three cars side-by-side looking for the lead. By turn two Josh Bergman and Myles Cheek ran one-two, but by lap two Cheek passed Bergman for the lead. An early caution flag came when several cars piled up in turn two. When they restarted Bergman went very wide and lost several places not returning to the top five. Cheek then pulled away from the pack with three laps to go. He held this pace as he crossed the finish line to take the win. Paul O’Brian somehow managed to slip into second with Brock Heger in third.
The ProLite Class had a close start and Christopher Polvoorde took the lead from a second row start ahead of Cory Winner, Ryan Beat, Brandon Arthur and Brock Heger. Everyone ran hard in and
On the restart, Beat forced Polvoorde wide in turn two and Beat and Arthur both moved up. Shortly afterwards Heger spun out and Thomas hit Heger taking out his front suspension. Not knowing how badly his vehicle’s condition was, he decided to run again and then lost control and rolled onto Mason Cullen’s car. It was a good race, with several position changes each lap. As the dust settled Beat pulled ahead of Arthur for the win, leaving Arthur in second place and Thomas in third.
The race of the night was Pro 4. Kyle LeDuc and Rob MacCachren were the favorites in this class, however MacCachren had mechanical issue keeping him out of contention for the mains. The surprise of the night was when the name Carl Renezeder came temporally out of retirement to help out the injured Bryce Menzies. LeDuc,
out the top six. On lap five Adrian Cenni stalled in three forcing the competition yellow with Renezeder closing on LeDuc’s bumper. On the restart LeDuc pulled away from Renezeder until about lap fourteen when LeDuc bicycled his truck in turn two, allowing Renezeder to drive by for the lead; he held on as they came into turn four and Renezeder over-rotated but managed to recover, closing the door on LeDuc as he crossed the finish line to take the 2018 season opening win, with LeDuc just seconds behind in second place while Mittag placed third.
By the time you read, this Lucas Oil Off Road Series will be in Ensenada, Mexico, the Battle South of the Border. Don’t worry if you can’t make any other races as you can watch the live stream on Lucas Oil Race TV www.lucasoilraceing. tv or follow them through their website
Production 1000 UTV’s are debuting out of positions, but for the most part all
on the Lucas Oil Racing TV through the   the lead runners stayed in their positions,   Renezeder, RJ Anderson, Doug Mittag,   at v
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