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 The AMX 2017 Yearend Awareds Party was held this year at Dave and Busters next to Glendale’s Cardinal Stadium. A change in locations was
due to Octane Raceway no longer having a banquet hall, but it was a necessary change and worked out very well. We actually had enough room for everyone to sit. That was a big plus, as in years past it was standing room only.
The Champions received many goodies, including the six foot trophies, practice & race cards. The young champs received bicycles from Gordys. Tires and goggles were provided by Northland Motorsports
and Torco products provided by Torco Performance Lubricants. Donnie at the Pit provided goodies (pictured) to give away in a raffle along with AEO providing gift certificates that were also raffled off.
2017 was one for the books beginning with a few races rained out and having to be postponed. For the new year, all of the AMX races are all held at Canyon Raceway. It all worked out in the end and we hope
all the racers enjoyed 2017 as much as we did. Here’s to 2018, a new race structure for the state races and hoping for no rain? See you all at the races! v
Story and Photos by Kara Lonati VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1 , 2018 11 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1, 2018 11 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1 , 2018 11

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