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 By Spinning Wheels Photography
   Nothing beats smelling the nitro   with Don Bonesteel in Big Booty Judy   Diesel winner taking his dragster to   mph for a second place to James Erwin’s
from either a Top-Fuel funny
car or dragster. I had to settle for the next best thing, which is standing along the starting line and watch enough black smoke roll over the track hiding everything in the next quarter mile. Where else do you get this much coal? How about the National Hot Rod Diesel Association’s Desert Diesel Nationals, presented by Strictly Diesel.
pulling 211.10 feet for first, with Thomas Tysiak in One Stop Truck pulling second to 182.82 feet while David Ponce in his Pinnacle Ford went 174.34 for the third- place trophy. To showcase the night, the crowd was treated to watching a few multiple engine and old farm tractor pulling machines.
141.85 mph in 8.353 seconds.
Jered Delekta drove his 2001 Chevy to
take the victory in Pro Street Class with an ET of 5.465 at 141.43. In the Super Street Class, Phillip Franklin drove his ‘06 Dodge to a 126.21 mph in 5.872 seconds to beat out Tyler Kipp’s 100.18 mph run in 6.260 seconds in his ‘94 Dodge. For the 10.90 Index Class, back being an all-around competitor, Amalee Muellerputhersledtruckonthequarter showing the boys she can handle herself in bracket racing too, with an ET of 10.937 and 124.40 mph over runner-up William Terry’s ET of 10.868 and 104.84 mph. For the Super Diesel Class Arizona racer Mikah Ruffind broke out on the dial 11.90 with a 11.461 and 117.82 mph to give the win to Scott McKinstry’s ET of 12.025 at 109.79 mph. Another Arizonan that was represented in the Sportsman Class was Nathan Williams, who dialed
dial of 13.37 and when he crossed the finish line it was in 13.590 at 90.27 mph. Can you say holeshot?
For the Show-N-Shine category, David Williamson’s ‘00 Ford got him a great looking mantelpiece and Arizonan Chris Kimbrough winning the Show-N-Shine Best Bobtail division honors.
By the time you are reading this, the National Hot Rod Diesel Association will be holding/held the Oklahoma Diesel Nationals. The next race to follow is Diesels on the Mountain at Bandimere Raceway in Morrison, CO, west of Denver. Just a short day’s drive for any diesel racer or fan. For more information on the diesel drags go to their website at or follow them on Facebook. v
   The next day brought high-speed quarter mile action. NHRDA brought some Nitro Outlaws from the Nitro Outlaw Drag Racing Association on board with the diesel program.
Friday night started the program
at Wild Horse Motorsports Park with
Tractor Pulls. Returning from Roscoe,
TX, to show the boys in the Pro Stock
Class how to pull was Amalee Muller,
who took Save the Rack to a run of
311.91 feet and then turned around and
in the Limited Pro Stock went 263.55
feet, giving her the wins in both classes.
Matthew Orsetti pulled a 243.07 for a
second place while Tyler Brownlee pulled
236.99 feet to hold third place. Arizona
cleaned house in the Workstock Class,   Koch was the only competitor in Top   a 15.08 and ran an ET of 15.08 at 89.63
On the roadways you always see a big rig pulling one, two or even up to three trailers as they haul items from coast to coast. So, image side-by-side drags in a big rig. Justin Clifton dialed a 16.00 in his ‘96 Peterbilt in the Big Rig Bracket Class and drove it 18.562 seconds at 68.17 mph for a first place over Wes Wimmer’s 20.368 at 69.1 in a ‘92 Peterbilt. Zane
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