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 In 2018 California was scheduled to host the first of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series regional events, but foul weather was predicted for the first season race and it was postponed to March. This is when Arizona’s weather stepped up and
gave us some great racing weather.
The vehicle turnout was larger than normal for this two-day event. Some factors
were in play, as it was also right before the first national LOORS series race, and there were no other practices available before the April race.
This season opener brought a new class to the track. It’s the RZR 570. The appearance is that of the RZR 170 but the class is more oriented for an adult. The suspension and overall stance is a comparable design to the 170. It’s a very affordable class to enter and will be very competitive for all age groups.
The next race will have happened on May 5, so check our next issue for those highlights from that race. If you want to follow the Arizona regionals racing series check out their website at v
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