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 by Shaun Kalos
      Belief in oneself is one thing, acting like it is another. When you truly believe in yourself, you will train that way. If you want to believe in
yourself, or think you do, ask yourself:
-do I train like a champion?
-do I eat and sleep like a champion?
-when the gate drops do I have complete focus?
If the answer is no to any of these questions, then
you are not really believing in yourself. Champions truly expect to get good starts and run up front all the time. That’s all they want to be, is in the front or
winning. They don’t accept being mid-pack or worse. The combination of believing in yourself and training your body to perform at its best are two key ingredient to having the winning mindset I am talking about. If you do not have proper training, which can include exercise, on the bike training, nutrition and sleep, then you will always doubt yourself to some degree because you know you have not prepared yourself to do your best.
I can attest to this myself on both sides. To this day when I race, I see and feel myself getting good lines, going fast and beating the competition. Even though
Above Photos by Kristen Almer
I am retired, I’m still invited to do some racing. I have learned, that at any level, the key to the correct attitude depends on training and care of my body. Preparing yourself physically and mentally bleeds in to having the confidence you need to stay up front. Don’t just say it, do it. And when you do it, you can expect a winning result through this mindset and training combination. Training properly produces confidence, and that confidence helps you have the winning mindset we want. v
Below photos by Roni Limon Faxon and Cathy Kalos
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