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Track Prep at Canyon Motocross . . .
Al Basinger does the track prep, maintenance and water truck driving at Canyon Motocross. He enjoys running the gannon tractor the most. Al is one of those rare Arizona natives, and
has lived in California, Kentucky and Mississippi - but always came back to Arizona because this is his home.
Al was a truck driver from 1979 to 1996 and it simply burned him out, as it was a lot of time on the road away from home. He came to Canyon when he was inbetween jobs. It came to him just by word of mouth, and now he’s been here for the last 2 years. He enjoys working with the dirt, building things and interacting with the people. In his time off, he enjoys fishing and racing. Al’s main advice is to come and enjoy the track as much as he enjoys working on it. v
Photos and Story by Kara Lonati

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