Page 14 - AZ Extreme - AEM Volume 8 Issue 4
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 14 Arizona EXTREME Motorsports
Story and Photos by Kara Lonati
We want to thank you all the many riders and families who came
out for our Grand Re-Opening at Canyon MX on October 28. We had a line of cars waiting up the hill before the gates were even open, therefore we had to begin earlier than anticipated. It seems they all wanted the practice passes (what a surprise!). All of the 50 practice passes were gone by 8am. It should be noted that the practice passes are a limited time pass: they’re good for a one time practice within the month specified. There were 10 for each month: November, December, January, February & March.
The Tee-shirt’s were also a hit, but the most wanted prizes were those free passes.
All of the riders and visitors were thankful for the goodies and we had a great day of riding with friends and family. We look forward to the next fun ride day we are planning for everyone - this is our way of giving back to you all. Thank you all once again for supporting Canyon MX. v

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