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The Arizona Peace Trail (AZPT) is the ultimate
off-road adventure for dirt bikes, ATV/ UTV & Jeep/4-wheeler enthusiasts!! This 750- mile loop trail spans three counties (La Paz, Yuma & Mohave) in Western Arizona and traverses from Bullhead City & Kingman to the north down through the desert to Yuma. From the trees through the Hualapai Mountains – to the expansive desert and along the Colorado River, the Peace Trail provides a natural experience. Off Highway Vehicle clubs and local, county, state and federal agencies have come together to create this journey. Riders from across the nation are waiting for this off-road experience. Come explore and experience Western Arizona by means of a multi-day trek through thousands of miles of desert trails under open skies, while seeing the communities along the way that have helped make this trail possible. It’s a loop trail, so pick where you wish to start, and how fast you ride, how many times you stop and take a picture of some unique items or vistas along the trail will dictate how long it will take to finish. There are hotels and restaurants for those who wish; or for the truly outdoor enthusiast, there are countless places to spend the night roughing it. This is your outdoor adventure! v
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