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 Flat track is America’s only true motorcycle racing   both series maintain ridership. The Queen Creek Flat
event - all other types are from other countries.
For years, the AMA National Flat Track Series was THE racing to follow. But motocross came in and flat track has just sort of slipped away. With the days of the fading race tracks and the loss of interest in the sport over all, some race promoters in Arizona have decided to put together a State Championship Series to promote a willingness to work together, instead of separately, to improve the racer competition and help
championship classes for the Copper State series. The true goal is to be able to add more race series to the Copper State Championship Series and work with more race tracks to improve the racing competition as well as give the state riders more tracks to race on. This is great news for flat track fans. v
Arizona Promotors Come Together for the Good of The Sport
 Track series is the elder of the two promoters, with the established past seven years of races at the Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Center in Queen Creek, AZ. The other group, Phoenix Flat Track had their Rookie 3 race series at the end of 2017 and has a full series scheduled throughout 2018.
Both promoters recently got together to make sure that each other’s racing schedules did not step on either side and decided on what classes to offer as the state
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