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 Why do you ride? How long have you been riding? I ride because it’s addictive. Riding
gives me a feeling like no other. There is always a new challenge and I never want to quit. I have been riding since I was nine years old, so for eight years.
Who’s your favorite rider? Do you have a mentor? Do you do your own bike mechanics, or does someone help
A Ron Swangler Interview - Photos by RSAZ Photography
you out? My favorite rider is Jason Lawrence (J-Law). My mentors are Justin Buckelew and Markie Worth. My biggest mentor is my dad, Eric. I do the little things on my bikes, but evrything else I leave to my motor builder, Ryan Wilson, at Factory Edge, and Donnie at Pit Enterprises.
Which is your favorite track? Pala MX.
What are your current goals? To win everything I enter, and to be the best
I can be. Hopefully, that will take me somewhere.
Do you have any sponsors? My Dad, Eric. Factory Edge, The Pit Enterprises, Thor MX Gear, Bell Helmets, 100%, Five18 Designs, Cryca, Dunlap, Maxima Oils, ODI, Twin Air, Blo Crew.
Who are your greatest supporters?
My family support is my dad, Eric, and my grandma, Jo.
What is it like racing against family or friends? It’s fun and interesting! On the track however, I have no friends. Off the track everyone is my friend! v
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