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 by Mike Crawford • Photo’s by Michelle Forster & Hunter Anderson
Mike Crawford is a local racer who   Having deep roots in Arizona, over the   functions everyday until the end of the
  is native of Phoenix, Arizona.
By daytime he is a full-time real estate broker specializing in asset management and helps people buy/sell their homes. He has been involved in real estate for over 17 years. He is an entrepreneur all the way and has owned
and operated other businesses, but says he always finds time for family and volunteering for community functions.
years he has organized non-profit fund raisers and desert clean-ups. He enjoys coaching his son’s club baseball team and jokes that it’s another one of his full-time jobs. He is extremely proud of his son Jeremy “J Bone” and daughter Dakota or “Dakota Danger” as he calls them. Dakota is a gymnastics star who is a free spirit like both parents. Nothing scares her. Mike gives all the credit for the success in his life to his beautiful wife Sandra. They just celebrated their 16th anniversary together. He has some great quotes to live by and seems to really have things figured out. We talked about how people always say and claim their family is the most important and first priority, but you can find that truth out by looking
at a persons calendar. Mike and Sandra’s calendar was absolutely jam packed
year. Mike always jokingly says, “I have plenty of time!” A truly amazing family who represents Arizona in a great way.
Here is his incredible race report from the Baja 1000 Ironman race:
late 2007, when the Baja 1000 beat us then. I chose to switch from Honda 450x to the KTM500EXC. I pre-ran the 2016 Baja1000. The day I returned from this race, the training and planning was a full-time effort. Every day, every weekend, every decision was a focused dedication to this goal. I raced all the Best in the Desert Series’ races in the Ironman Expert class and a few local races, adding in some Mountain bike
o much planning and preparing for this race. This was a goal
that I’ve had as a life goal since
 with kid and family   races and endless cross-fit workouts to VOLUME 7 – ISSUE 4 , 2017 23

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