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 been riding for a little over year now.
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A Ron Swanger Interview • Photos by RSAZ Photography
My name is Brianna Wilson and I am 12 years   Q: Who is your favorite rider - do you have a mentor?   Open Race, and to clear the double on the main track
old. My very first bike was a Honda 70cc.
I rode it on the track a lot at home in my backyard and that’s the bike I started riding with at Canyon MX. Now I ride a KX 85 when I race. I’ve discovered an interest in off-road riding and I use a Suzuki 85 to practice with in the desert. I recently went to an FCA MX/Offroad camp, and that’s where
I really started to learn how to ride through rocks, water, sand and mud. Right now I think it’s more fun than MX because I get to express myself and there are more unseen obstacles than there are on a track.
  Do you do your own bike mechanics - or who helps you out?
A: Eli Tomac is my favorite rider because he’s fast and he works hard to get first place no matter what is in his way. My mentor is my dad because he takes me out riding and shows me what do to and he helps me through everything. He’s the one I started riding with. He also works on my bike when things break and if he can’t fix it he takes it somewhere he knows will take care of my bike. He’s shown me how to change my clutch oil, check my spark plug and a few other things.
at Canyon MX soon.
Q: Do you have any sponsors?
A: No, but I’m trying to reach my goals so I can be a more noticeable rider to hopefully get one.
Q: What is it like racing against family or friends?
A: I think it’s really competitive and you have to work for it,
Q: What’s your favorite track? at ACP, the National Track.
Q: What are your current goals:
A: To beat my competitor in the Women’s 65-85
Q: Why do you ride? How long have you been riding?
A: I ride because it’s fun and it challenges me. I have   A: Oh, this one’s a hard one. I like the main track out   best friend is next to VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 3 , 2018 29 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 3 , 2018 29

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