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  What is your title and what do you do at CMX?
My name is Angi Goetze, I am 30 years old and my position at Canyon MX is Front Booth Attendant. My job is to make sure that both spectators and riders sign in when they arrive at the track. I also collect the practice or race fee, notarize minor
release forms / waivers, sell year and half year-passes, settle the cash drawer and credit card transactions at the end of the day, call an ambulance if one is needed, hand out magazines, answer questions and provide information
to interested visitors and prospective riders.
How long have you been working for CMX and what do you like most about this job?
I started working for Canyon MX in August this year (2017). I am originally from Germany and this is my  rst real job in Arizona and the US and I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to work here. Because of the scenic drive from my home to the track, I am already happy when I arrive at work.
I never get tired of Arizona’s beauty and I am very much aware that it is a privilege to live and work here. At work itself I enjoy the freedom that I have and that there are no condescending co-workers around me showing bossy behaviour.
The main bene t of working at the track is certainly getting in touch with riders and slowly becoming familiar with the world of Motocross. Being constantly surrounded by riders
might eventually push me in the right direction and help me getting started in Motocross. In addition to that, I really like the clientele at the track and have already met a lot of fun and interesting people here. Simply put, it is a very pleasant work environment.
What were your jobs in the past?
From 2014 to 2017 I worked as a receptionist and assistant purser on cruise ships and traveled to more than 50 countries all over the world. Other jobs I have held over the years are the following: geological assistant, assistant project manager for an engineering
company, translator, secretary, personal assistant, customer service consultant, night auditor,  tness instructor as
well as several volunteer and more physically demanding side jobs during my travels such as farm work or deckhand on sailboats. I am  ne with various kinds of work; I appreciate outdoor jobs and hard work just as much as accounting and  ling.
What are your hobbies?
I enjoy “quiet activities” such as learning languages and drawing, but
for the most part I am an active and outdoorsy person. I am particularly interested in anything that includes either heights or speed or both: skydiving, climbing, canyoning, cli  diving, rafting,  ying, quad riding, mountain biking and so on. I just got my motorcycle license this year, so I can’t really add riding to the list yet,
but I am going to try it eventually and hope it will become one of my favourite activities, too.
I am also into  tness and weightlifting and a dedicated martial arts student in Kempo Karate. My favorite sport is Ice hockey, but I
don’t follow with the fervor I used
to. Travelling used to be my number
1 activity but I’ve done enough backpacking and exploring in the last ten years, that I got tired of it. All I am looking for at the moment is routine life and a place that I can call home after having lived out of a suitcase for so many years. v
Arizona EXTREME Motorsports Arizona EXTREME Motorsports
EMS Coordinator - Becki Spinning has managed the EMS crew during practice and race day for 15 year, 11 years at Speedworld
and the remainder at Canyon. Becki is there as
a courtesy when riders may crash. She is from Wyoming. Although, she loves her job, and watching motocross, her  rst love is horses, which is her main hobby. She enjoys helping riders who may fall on the track. Whether, it is a minor injury to a major one she just wants to be there to help.
Her previous jobs include dental assistant for 25 years. EMT for Speedworld, EMT for Ford proving grounds, EMT at grand view terrace, cashier for Dales town country feed store, and volunteer with Wittman department for 10 years. Becki is a large part of motocross and with Becky on the track our many riders feel safe and know they are in good hands. v
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