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 by Shaun Kalos
Balance is key in all these various conditions with your power and your body on the bike. Practice these conditions when given the chance. Being versatile is something motocrossers
need to practice more because conditions change all the time. Adapting to the conditions mentally and physically is a big plus on performing your best on any track you ride on. Always remember that the
conditions are the same for everyone that day. Never worry that you have a disadvantage if you have prepared mentally and physically for all these different track conditions.
      For the mud you want to be prepared. Block or tape your air box off if there is a hole going directly in to your air filter to prevent water from getting in and causing a motor problem. You will want to stiffen your suspension for all the extra weight. Make sure you have the proper goggles such as roll offs or plenty of tear offs. A positive mindset is always a plus. As far as technique in the mud, choose the best line available and stay a little more centered on the bike rather than forward. Actually have fun getting dirty and wet and it will keep your mind in a good place.
Make sure you have proper tire pressure for maximum traction. Unless it is really rocky, I would run normal tire pressures to a little lower than normal. Line selection and throttle control become more of a focus. Patience, taller gears and smoother throttle are keys to keeping traction. Your body position is important in all elements no matter what, but can differ slightly on these different conditions. On hard packed dirt, getting on the outer edge of your seat in a corner can help with traction. On hard pack, mud and sand you will want to stay slightly centered on the bike rather than forward like normal conditions.
In the sand, use normal tire pressure in the front and a little less in the rear for traction if it is not rocky. In a sandy corner you can clutch it early to stay on the power and on top of the sand. On straight aways, your body position should be slightly back so your front end does not dive in and you should stay consistent on the power. Remember that keeping your front end light is important in the sand. The tendency in abnormal conditions is to grip the bike tighter when actually you need to stay loose
Generally, with good traction you will want to stay more forward on the bike everywhere. In normal conditions you can attack more with your power because the terrain provides the best traction.
for better traction control and getting less tired.
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