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 My name is Mikayla Wilson. I’m 8 years old and ride a KTM 50. When I first started practicing, I was riding a KTM Mini Adventure on the little dirt bike track that my dad built me in the backyard and I almost ran into my trampoline! Now I’m better and faster because I’ve had a lot of help from my dad.
Q. Why do you ride and how long have you been riding?
A: My dad always watches dirtbike videos with me and my sister. We decided, “hey, we
can do that!”, so we went
and bought dirtbikes and gear and started going to the track. I’ve been riding for a little over a year, but it feels like five months.
Q. Who’s your favorite rider - do you have a mentor? Do you do your own bike mechanics - or who helps you out?
A: Eli Tomac is my favorite rider because he’s fast, cool, and had a lot of injuries but he still rides. My dad
works on my bike for me, I just know how to fill up the gas tank!
Q. What’s your favorite track?
A: My favorite track so far is FCA’s
track. I just finished up camp in Prescott and the track was called Lynx Creek.
Q: What are your current goals?
A: To beat the boys I want to win against and get first place and not get hurt!
Q: Do you have any sponsors?
A: Not yet. My daddy pays for it all.
Q: What is it like racing against family or friends? A: It’s fun and awesome! v
A Ron Swanger Interview • Photos by RSAZ Photography
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