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 Justin Pyle was happy to answer some questions about his racing, and here is what he had to say. He’s ten years
old and in the 4th grade at ASU Prep in Phoenix. His favorite subject is PE, and he likes fried chicken too: who doesn’t like PE and fried chicken, right?
Justin races in 9-11 65cc and 7-11 85cc and has been racing for five years. He races a 2017 KTM 65cc and a 2002 Yamaha YZ85. His favorite rider is James Stewart, even though he doesn’t race anymore, but is still fast. Justin’s racing started when his dad got him a PW50 and he began riding on the Pee
Wee track at Canyon. Then he talked to a few people and decided to give racing a try. He’s been doing it going on 5 years now. Justin’s favorite part of racing is jumping past people and passing people on the track.
A special memory is getting the holeshot on his 50 at one of the AMX races at canyon. His achievements include 3rd overall in the 50cc 7-8 Class in 2016 AMX, when he won free practice. He’s currently in 2nd place in the 85cc 7-11 Class in the AMX series. Justin chose #7 because he wants to be able to ride like James Stewart someday
and his mom’s birthday is on the 7th, so she says it’s lucky #7.
Fortunately with all of his training from his coach Shaun Kalos and having good technique Justin hasn’t had any serious injuries to talk about. “Knock on wood”. Milestone In California is his favorite track because it has good dirt and some big jumps. He also likes Canyon since it’s his home track.
He is currently on the Kalos Racing Team and Trackside MX, also Thor, Bell, and Alpine stars help with some discounts.
Justin wants to thank his mom and dad for letting him ride and race. Also, he’d like to thank his coach Shaun Kalos for helping him to get better with his technique and speed on the track. Shaun also helps him to be a better person
with life in general. Mike with Trackside Mx keeps his bike in perfect condition. Look for Justin out at the track working and racing, as he’s come along way from when I first saw him race the Saturday race series a few years back! v
Story and Photos by Kara Lonati VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 2 , 2018 35

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