Page 35 - AZ Extreme - AEM Volume 8 Issue 3
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  When was the company founded?
We started out with the name Hellion
Industries Clothing in 2003 and in 2008 we added the Custom Teez name as our print shop.
How long at current location?
We have been in our current location for three years and have been in the Glendale area for 11 years.
How long have you run it?
I personally built and ran this business from day one.
How many employees?
We have four employees.
What are your specialties?
Our main focus is Printing Garments, but we do Banners and Embroidery as well.
What is your personal AZ history (living & motorsports).
Well, I was born in San Diego, CA, but was raised here in Phoenix AZ, and have been here for 34 years. I grew up racing BMX bikes and then progressed into Dirt Bikes and Quads for most of my child hood and teen-age years, but like it’s said, with age becomes a cage. So, in my mid 20’s I raced my first off road desert truck and was hooked ever since. I built a team with my close friends, which is Hellion Offroad. We began to make a name for ourselves, racing desert trucks to short course trucks, competing at a high level. There is Just something about the desert you just can›t beat!
What are your minimum requirements to do tee- shirts?
We have a small 12-piece minimum on all orders.
What other kinds of screen printing can you do?
We can print hats, tote bags, koozies, shorts, pants, outdoor flags, banners.
Do you do custom embroidery?
Yes, we offer custom embroidery on hats and shirts.
What is the typical turnaround time from the point of receiving camera-ready copy?
We have a five to seven-day turnaround.
What format art do you need/prefer?
We prefer EPS, ILL, Corel, PS files, but can work off of Jpeg as well. v VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 3 , 2018 35 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 3 , 2018 35

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