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Story and Photos by Kara Lonati
We at Canyon MX want to welcome Nick as the new general manager of the track. Here is a bit about Nick. He manages the track, maintains the equipment, and he also works on keeping our riders and employees happy and safe. Originally from Lake Elsinore, CA, Nick has worked at Canyon for about six years. Nick enjoys riding his Harley, camping, fires, boating, flying his rc plane, shooting and of course riding his dirt scooter
at the best track in the valley, CANYON! The favorite part
of his job is seeing the riders having fun and playing in the dirt! Nick has also operated heavy equipment, as he was
a truck driver for many years over the road as well as a Heavy equipment transport driver. Nick enjoys being at
the track and seeing people have fun and also having fun
at work and out of work. He’s been riding dirt bikes and bmx for about 26 years. Back in the day, he was the kid that would build the jumps and be the first to test them. Nick sure has had his fair share of crashes on
a BMX, dirt bikes and street bikes, too. He says “if you happen to see him at the track he is an easy guy to chitchat with.” The Canyon crew wants to welcome Nick and are excited for the future with him as the manager. v

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