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 by Mike Crawford • Photo’s by Michelle Forster & Hunter Anderson
Finish the race with Ironman Mike Crawford from San Ignacia to the incredible end.
This was a scheduled longer rider service, bike service with oil change, air filter, both wheel change. I was in the worst shape of my life at this point. I rolled into the pit still in about 5-6th place in class. I pulled in tired, hurt, dizzy and a complete mess. I couldn’t lift my leg over the bike and actually slid off the rear to dismount. I couldn’t stand or walk on my own and with one eye and all the other body damage the torture was at an unimaginable level. The team had a cot set up. They stripped the gear off and I limped to the cot. Brandi started an IV and Sandra rubbed my back, iced my
neck, re-taped all the other damaged parts and asked me questions to keep me coherent. Buddy and Steve tended to the bike, did oil change, switched the wheels, air filter and full look over. As the IV was going I remember feeling really cold and asked to wake me in 20 minutes. It seemed like three seconds went by and Sandra was asking me questions again. I asked for another ten minutes of
another IV bag of fluids during this time. When Sandra woke me up from the ten minute extension it took a few minutes to just sit up. I drank some caffeine, took some more supplements. The team continued to talk to me, ask questions and get me alert again. Once standing and gearing up again, we checked on the trophy truck status and realized the lead trucks were just 10-15 minutes away. We made the call to sit down until the lead trucks went by. This made for a two-hour and 13-minute pit stop total, but I needed it. As we watched the 4th truck fly by, I mounted the bike and rode on. The good part here was it was a 20-mile highway section, so I could get acclimated to the bike again. No-one on the team liked that I was entering the race in the epicenter of trophy truck madness, but I really had no choice and needed to get moving.
RACE MILE 610-784
Once off the highway sections, the fog was setting in. The beginning of this section was on-and-off some faster roads mixed in with some rocky whoop choppy roads. Closer towards RM-710 was some heavy silt whoops. These sections again testedrider’sstrengthandendurance.The IV hours before helped my energy level for about 100 miles then faded fast. There were miles in this section where one mile took almost 20 minutes. When I came in,
  sleep and the team was ready for a long rider service VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1 , 2018 37 Brandi did and knew this was another hard section

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