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Iused to think I was a salesman, but it wasn’t until this last issue that I was able to sell my own
nephew - and I didn’t really sell him. Mark owns Pro 5 Designs, a very successful screen printing company here in Peoria. But it got me thinking, the first person I met here in Arizona after I returned from Japan who knew anything about motocross was Mark’s dad, Gary Musser. Gary was an Expert- class racer who was racing a Vintage ‘75 Yamaha MX400. Oh wait, this
was 1975, it wasn’t a Vintage bike....
it was a CURRENT bike! He also had a ‘74 YZ250, which back then was my dream bike (we couldn’t even get them on Okinawa). Gary was a really nice guy who took me under his motocross
wing, took me to the races, helped me with repairing it, as I had blown it up soon after coming here. He introduced me to Jerry Hall, who builds the fastest MX engines I’ve ever seen - and who nobody knows who he is outside of Arizona. I couldn’t afford a Jerry Hall engine at the time (and I still can’t)
but he let us hang around and BS (and learn). Later on, I was able to use one of his engines for my son Jason’s bikes, and they definitely helped him to win many championships.
Gary was a champion racer in
his own right. He was the ‘74 track champion at ADR, which was in Buckeye. In ‘77, he married my sister Darlynn, so he became my brother- in-law. Then four or five years later,
he became my un-brother-in-law, but we still remained good friends. Gary kind of walked away from motocross, but got into four-by-fours. Matter of fact, we both walked away from the sport for awhile, doing the off road thing. Then kids came along, first my son Jason then his son Mark, then my daughter Hilary. We still four-wheeled, but when Mark was 3 and Jason was 4, Gary decided to buy his son a Yamaha PW50 (the original PeeWee machine for kids). Oddly enough, Mark wanted nothing to do with it. This was in ‘81 and I had bought a YZ465 and my wife Karen an XR80 and Jason had nothing. So when Gary got tired of trying to get Mark to ride the PW, he sold it to me for Jason to ride, and the rest is history,
as Jason went on to win multiple state championships, the World Mini Grand Prix among others. In reality, Jason is the reason I got into owning Speedworld.
The point of this is really that through the sport of motocross I expanded my family, ended up with a friend for life
- and sold his son an ad for this paper
- and had a lot of fun in the process.
On a sad note, however, Gary left us way too early, so whatever you do, PLEASE do your cancer screenings and your colonoscopies and use sunscreen, because I don’t want to lose any more friends too soon. v
Friends, Fun & Family!
By Dan Matthews, with Hal Sanguinetti – Photos by Dan Matthews
      VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 3 , 2018 37

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