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  2019 Arizona State Championship Series Rules
• The 2019 Arizona State Championship Series will be a 6 race format.
• Points will be accumulative - all 6 rounds count toward the championship. (No races drop)
• Racers will be allowed to miss 1 race, but the final race is mandetory to remain eligible for series awards. Races will be held in conjunction with other series races.
• Top 3 eligible racers will receive prizes.
• First Place: Free Practice and Racing for 2020, plus 6-foot trophy or glass award, and other prizes.
• Second and Third Place: Free Practice for 2020, plus trophy or glass award, and other prizes.
• Prizes are non-transferable.
• Prizes and contingent on racer remaining in good standing with AMX and participating tracks.
• Racers Subject to AMX Rules as defined in 2019 AMX Rule Book.
State Championship Classes:
50cc 4-6
50cc 7-8
50cc Open
60cc 4-8
60cc 9-11
60cc Open
80cc 7-11
80cc 12-13
80cc 14-16 Supermini
Mini Open
125cc Novice 125cc Intermediate 125cc Open
150cc Open
250 Novice
250 Intermediate
250 Pro
Open Novice
Open Intermediate Open Pro
Women Mini (65-85cc) Women Amateur
Vet Amateur
Vet Novice
Vet Intermediate
Vet Master
Vet Pro
Vet Open
Please Note:
 2019 Schedule
First Half Dates:
January 27, 2019 February 10, 2019 April 28, 2018
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