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I am never one to complain, but thought I would share why my body hates my mind. My neck and back are so sore I still can’t lean up or twist, jammed wrist, cuts on left leg inside and out from compression sock, right eye scratched and still not 100%, compressed spine with several bruised ribs, left collar bone and shoulder damage, bruised chest, four of my fingertips were numb for five days after the race, both elbows hurt for two days after and still fall asleep if bent for a few seconds, still only 70% feeling in my right hand and it’s been ten days. I’m sure I lost about 15lbs after the race.
The Race bike was absolutely perfect. We never put a wrench to it the whole race for a mechanical issue. Other than one full-tire change, eight air filters and one oil change, it was perfect. The GPS and dash we built held up fine. It was great to prove we did our homework on the KTM and every detail and over planning payed off. There were a lot of people saying it wouldn’t finish, or would have electrical issues, or this or that. I can say we did address every inch of the bike and made certain we had everything to repair it twice. I brought down seven extra EarthX batteries just in case we had lighting issues. Proud to say the EarthX battery was at 14.1volts for the whole 39hours. The NiteRider lights are so tough. They were smashed and soaked several times during the race and never quit. After inspecting the bike in-depth, only one bolt was missing from the last crash which broke the mount off the tank and shroud. The power of this bike is amazing, Dave Simon really has these figured out and tuned perfectly. The tall seat from Seat Concepts actually did save my ass . . . side note to Injuries, my inner thighs and butt peeled two layers of skin off from the constant riding. I think I went way past the “monkey butt” stage, HA-HA. The Baja Designs lights are the best, they never stopped or flickered. They are worth every penny and I felt confident racing wide open, even with only one eye.
For now, I’m still dizzy from the experience and am gathering all the photos and video’s. We were able to capture more than 1TB of video data and 1000’s of photos. We plan to gather all that up to make a short video of the experience. Now that I don’t have a war project to prepare for, I really have an extra 50 hours per week of time. So back to full focus on baseball, being Dad, husband, and business owner duties. I have been asked so many times “would you do it again?” I say YES!, but on a team. Ha-ha . . . maybe after I heal up some more and forget about the pain, I’ll enter some Rally races . . . and of course, building a Class 1 car is next! Ha!
Thank you to all who made this dream possible!
Mike Crawford – Phoenix, Arizona @mikecrawford112 mikecrawford/
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