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 If you didn’t race the Canyon Raceway Monsoon Madness Series this summer, you may have really
missed out! We had no rain, like years past, but Mother Nature did her best to try and ruin a few nights of racing
. . . fortunately unsuccessfully. The turnouts were very good, the racing was packed with some full gates and lots
of competition and some super close finishes as well. Five-gallon fuel jugs were handed out at each race to random
winners, along with many other prizes courtesy of Chad Reed through Bubbas Garage, Torco Oils and Canyon MX. We thank you all for coming out this summer and racing with us. An awards party will be announced shortly after
all the points have been tallied and verified. We look forward to the AMX Arizona State Championship Series and the Grand Canyon Series beginning on September 23. Let’s keep the weather away and get racing again! v
Story and Prize Photos by Kara Lonati • Race Photos Courtesy RSAZ Photography
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