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 A Ron Swangler Interview
Why do you ride How long have you been riding? I ride because it is the best thing in
the world. I have been riding a dirt bike since I was a year and a half old! And YES I started on training wheels! But not for long, my dad took them off and here I am today.
Who’s your favorite rider? Do you do your own bike mechanics, who helps out? My favorite rider is Ken Raksen. I clean my own filters on my
bikes and plus my dad really likes working on bikes. He is my dirt bike washer and Mike at Trackside Racing is my fulltime mechanic. (OOPS- I am going to get grounded for that one).
Which track is your favorite? ET and I wish they were open more because we would ride there all the time.
What are your current goals? My life goals are to do well at school, be
a good kid with good grades. And... someday be a pro super cross racer! My
dad told me if I do well in school and practice hard I have a good chance.
Do you have sponsors? I have a lot. Trackside Racing, Super Sick RRO- rusk Racing Deals, Flo, VP Shift, ASV, Atlas Fox, 100%, Pro taper, AEO, and the best one is my dad. He helps with everything I need to be best at this sport.
Are you married? Kids? What are their names? How did you meet your spouse? How do they support
you? Well, I am only 6 so I am not old enough to be married. I have a girlfriend. Don’t tell my dad!
What is it like racing against family or friends? I like racing against my friends because it helps me get faster. They don’t get mad if I beat them and I don’t get mad if they beat me. I have no other family that races so I am not sure how that would be. I would like to have a brother someday to teach how to ride dirt bikes. v
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