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 Kael Broersma is a born racer. Among his dreams of being Jimmy Johnson and lightning McQueen, his go faster than
you attitude has always been fueled by a fascination with dirt bikes.
On August 13, 2016 a brand new 2017 Kawasaki KLX 140 came home with us from Motocity in Anthem, Arizona. He was instantly hooked and It soon became apparent that the little trail bike was not going to be able to keep up with Kael Broersma.
We signed up for a Shaun Kalos day at Canyon MX through Don Little at Motocity and the fire was lit.
On April 8, 2017 a Kawasaki KX250F became his next step into Motocross with which he began racing in the beginner/D class.
Since that time Kael has been training with Shaun Kalos and Team KRT at various Arizona MX tracks and also cross training in the desert where he continues to hone his skills and technique.
Kael is currently racing the 2018 Yamaha YZ250F and a 2019 YZ250F
will be joining his stable in January 2019.
On April 8,2019 (48) will be the 2 year anniversary of Kael riding on a track and is super excited to see what the next year will bring.
He currently has sponsorships through Thor, Bell Helmets, Alpinestars, Acerbis, GoPro, Leatt, and No Toil.
In January 2018 he was invited to be on the Kalos Racing Team.
Kael placed 2nd overall in the 2018 AMX EZ-Up Series in 250 Novice and Open Novice
In Feb 2018
Kael won the WORCS Round 2 in C Class
He is currently second
in points in the AMX state championship series in 250
Novice and Open Novice and will be promoting to B class/intermediate at the beginning of 2019.
On instagram he is @kaelb48
@twotonedrone is also an Instagram outlet that is used to tell his story and promote Kael’s racing dream. v
Story Provided by Shaun Kalos • Photos by Alec Holliday VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 43 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 43

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