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You Know
You’re Getting Older When . . .
You know you’re getting older when you had a chance to act as the Referee at the World Vet Championships this year and you weasel your way out. I wasn’t that excited about this year, because Tom White was sick and damn, I have a hard time getting up those stairs! But then two days from the start of the event, Tom passed from cancer. It turns out they wanted my sidekick Hal Sanguinetti to come over and MC the Lifetime Achievement Award (which Tom had always done), so let Hal con me into taking the trip as a co-driver on Sunday. Now bear in mind, he wants to drive straight over (leaving at 5am) and come straight back a er his part is done.
As we’re on the way over, Hal gives me his estimate of our arrival time, guessing we were about an hour out. I said, no, we’re only 30 minutes away. As the clock ticked over for 30 minutes - BAM! - we were at the gate. Now as this is being written, we’re arguing about who has been to the gates more on time, and I think I won that one as well (Hal disagrees, but who cares.)
As we pull o  the freeway it started to rain. However, it had actually been raining fairly hard on the track for some time, and needless to say, it was a
By Dan Matthews, with Hal Sanguinetti
gloppy mess with the  rst Pro moto on the line. To their credit, the riders did an admirable job of dealing with the conditions. We got their and did our usual job of walking around meeting people and shaking hands and kissing babies. Oh wait, this crowd is too old to
be having new babies. For me, the person I enjoyed talking to the most was Glen Helen track owner Bud Feldkamp. Although I only see him one time a year, we always seem to have something to talk about and have the same feelings on many subjects. I don’t know if it’s o cial, but he is talking about retiring. If there is anyone in this sport who is deserving of retirement, it’s Bud, as it’s de nitely time for him to sit back and enjoy.
I also chatted with John Anderson, who is Tom White’s son-in-law, and through the years, John had helped my son Jason & I with our racing program.
It was a sad conversation, but it’s always good to
see old friends. From what I was hearing from John and later on, Glen Helen manager Lori Wilson, Bud FeldKamp and Tom’s daughter Kristin, the Vet World Championships will continue to be a major event for years to come. This year, the place was packed and most classes had full starting gates.
Overall, it appeared that everyone was having a great time, but we were de nitely fortunate to be able to leave early as it had already been a long day, and Glen Helen’s two-lane exit road to the freeway makes for a stressful exit.
I don’t know why this has become a tradition for Hal & I to stop at the In-N Out on Ramon Road in Palm Desert. At this point, I get to drive - oh joy. Hal
- the consummate back seat driver - telling me I’m not doing my lane changes right {he never uses the turn signals - Hal} but I claimed there was no one there to see them so why bother. As it turned out, once again
I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the master of timing. I had Hal text my wife Karen that we would be home at “8-ish). He said it would be more like 8:30 or 8:45. But by now, you’d think he would know better - we pulled into my driveway at 7:53, with Hal pissing and moaning at how lucky I was, whereupon I told him luck had nothing to do with it, it was all skill.
I don’t know if I will attend next year, but I have to keep you sandbaggers guessing - there were plenty of them from other countries dominating the lower classes this year. It was sad, but it was fun. v VOLUME 7 – ISSUE 4 , 2017 43

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