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 Why do you ride? How long have you been riding? Jaxon started riding when
he was two years old on a 50cc quad, graduating to a PW50 when he was three. For the next several years, Jaxon trained on several different bikes, including an XR70, PW80 and XR100, until he was ready to start racing in January 2016 at the age of seven on his Cobra 50. He raced the 50cc 7-8 age and Open Classes. After his first year of racing, Jaxon achieved two
2nd places in the AMX Arizona State Championship and also took 1st in both 50 Classes at the Copper State series. At the end of 2016, Jaxon started racing his Cobra 65, and finished
2017 with a 1st in 50cc age, 2nd in 50cc open and 2nd in 65cc age in the Arizona State Championship series. He also took 1st in both 50 Classes and a 2nd on the 65 in the Copper State Series at ACP.
What about mechanics. Do you do your own or who helps out?
Jaxon’s mechanic is his dad, Jason Heim, who spends many hours working on Jaxon’s bikes. Jason is also Jaxon’s trainer. Aside from the many
hours Jason spends wrenching on the bikes, he puts in equal, if not more, hours on the track with Jaxon. Jaxon and his dad are quite the duo, showing everyone that a boy and his dad with a common dream are unstoppable.
Which track is your favorite?
Jaxon’s favorite track is Milestone because it flows really smoothly and he could hit all the jumps on his 65. Jaxon’s favorite local track is ACP because it is closest to the California track layouts and conditions. His home track is Canyon, and he would like to give a HUGE shout out to the staff and everyone involved in all the practice and racing that they put on.
Which Motorcross rider is your favorite?
Jaxon’s favorite riders are Ken Roczen, Travis Pastrana and Ricky Carmichael because they all push it to the limits and give it their all.
What about goals?
Jaxon is currently in 4th grade in Peoria and a good student. Jaxon has many goals, in particular, training hard on his newest 65. His career on the 50’s
has ended and he is hoping to maintain podium status in 2018.
Who do you like to to race against better- family or friends?
Jaxon says it is more fun to race against family and friends than strangers because he likes to talk to them about the race and riding together. He loves doing big jumps side-by-side with friends so they can talk about it after. “It’s also fun to ride with my friends because I know their riding styles and they know mine. When the session is over you have your friends/family to talk about what you did good and what you could be doing better.”
Who sponsors you?
Jaxon lives with his dad, mom and two sisters. He loves his two pit-bulls and his bearded dragon, Jack. Jaxon’s sponsors include: Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, Trackside MX, Younger Building Solutions, TOR Racing, O’Neal, Leatt, Spy, EVS, Dunlop, EKS Goggles, Mika Metals, The Tint Guy & Maverick Machines.
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