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 Story by Kara Lonati. Photos courtesy Kara Lonati, Facebook, IN10SITY Media, AWood Photography, and Valley Car Group
Slater Colby is 19, lives in Scottsdale and has graduated high school. He enjoyed English while in school,
but enjoys racing more. Slater races 250B stock, 250B mod, 450B mod, 450B stock and sometimes College Boy on his KTM 250. He has won many championships and  rst place overalls. His race number was his uncles when he raced. His dad was #52 so back when his brother raced his brother, who is
his twin, Stone, wanted #52 to be like his dad so Slater picked #25 to copy his uncle Sean.
Slater has been around dirt bikes his whole life, but didn’t take it seriously until about six or seven years ago. His
dad grew up riding bikes and Slater saw it on TV and was hooked. Dean Wilson is a rider he enjoys to watch. Slater’s favorite track is Mile one in California and in Arizona his favorite track is ACP.
Slater’s greate  memories are probably when he won a championship at AZ Open in the Open B Limited Class. He also remembers his  r  time making it to Loretta’s in 2015, and then making it again in 2016 and 2017. Not an easy task for any rider. His favorite part of racing is on the gate and when the adrenaline is pumping and when he pulls the hole shot, not an easy thing to do unless you are focused which Slater is.
Slater has had a few spills which resulted in a broken left wri  twice and his right wri  once. He has broken his right thumb in half once, de royed all the tissue and in amed the muscle in his femur, broken his ankle, separated shoulder, torn meniscus and broken tibia, broken elbow, and broken a couple ribs. That is quite a bit, but that shows the speed in which Slater races and he  ill keeps going!
Slater currently rides for Valley
Car Group, Troylee Designs, Oakley, Dillon Optics, Leatt, Dunlop, Factory Connection, AEO Powersports, Mobius Knee Braces, Alpine ar, KTM, Mika Metals, and Dt1 Filters.
He would like to thank everyone that has been in his corner from day one and hasn’t left. They know who they are and ju  all of his sponsors for all of the support and  icking behind him and letting him prove himself.
Look for Slater to be moving up soon I’m sure and  ill pushing forward to better himself in all areas of motocross!
Arizona EXTREME Motorsports
Slater’s Loretta Recap
Loretta’s 2017 was de nitely one I will remember for a long time.  e day before practice I got insanely sick and the weather there is very hot and humid . . . so that didn’t help my situation. Practice
day I rode good, but my body didn’t feel the best. Race day on Tuesday 250B mod didn’t go so well. I had a lot of mistakes. 250B stock class I got a 3rd place start and got myself into the lead and was leading for two laps, but I got extremely gassed out by the end of the moto due to my current health situation and ended up  nishing 13th.  e rest of
the week was pretty chaotic, I just couldn’t  nd my  ow in 250B mod, but rode strong no matter what and 250B stock ended up  nishing 12th overall in that and I believe 25th overall in 250B mod. De nitely not my best achievement, but we can always build from there. It’s always an amazing opportunity to race at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

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