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 Sprint Hero racing came to Canyon this past April for the first time, and it was fun to see and figure out this new series. It’s a three-race series that saw
an average of 80-100 riders per round. This is the first year for this series and we’re hoping it comes back next Year. It was a fun race to watch, as it’s moto, desert and enduro racing all in one.
The racers earn points for the series per race day. Each race is called a test. Moto tests are on the race track and desert. Enduro tests are in the desert. The tests are 30 seconds apart. Each test consists of 2 moto laps and 4 enduro laps start til finish. Once one lap ends (moto then enduro) the next test starts. Each racer races the clock. Once all tests are complete the
Photos and Story by Kara Lonati
times are combined for the racers overall time and position. You really need to come watch and race to see how different but fun it is. Basically you are racing against the clock and hoping you were faster than the other racers. It truly is a different format and a new way to race! VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 2 , 2018 45 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 2 , 2018 45

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