Page 45 - AZ Extreme - AEM Volume 8 Issue 4
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 The Motorcycle Accessory Shop has been a fixture in Mesa for many years, starting way back in 1991. Bill & Gussie Ramsey have served Arizona customers extremely well all that time . . . that is, until the roof of their building caved in on August 12, during
heavy monsoon rains. It was a complete collapse of the front part of the building, and as you can imagine, the devastation to both their building and inventory was huge. However, Bill & Gussie didn’t hesitate and immediately got back to work, salvaging merchandise & fixtures
and planning the rebuild. Between the insurance companies and construction teams that didn’t always show up or finish on time, MAS was closed for 75 days . . . but they’re back open now, ready to serve their customers. Stop in to their bright ‘new’ store and say hi
if nothing else, and to pickup things you might need - Bill’s knowledge and inventory of “stuff” is unequaled in the Valley! v
Story by Hal Sanguinetti, Photos by Hal Sanguinetti and Glen Buckles VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 45 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 45

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