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 Halloween came to Canyon during the AMX State and Grand Canyon series race on October 21. We had lots of goodies handed
out; cupcakes for Tom Frantz’s (track manager) birthday, a costume contest, and a pumpkin race. The
pumpkin race had both big bikes and small bikes. Each rider drew a number. Then they received their pumpkin and the gate dropped. They made their way around the track and the first one to finish won. The winners were Terrick Petro, Jeremy Carpenter, and Gavin Burt. It was
Story by Kara Lonati
Photos by Kara Lonati, Alec Holliday and Jeremy Carpenter
definitely not easy holding a pumpkin while ridin!. If you weren’t there, you missed a fun race and day. We WILL bring it back next year so be ready. Thanks to everyone who participated! v
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