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 MPhotos and Story by Kara Lonati
akai Olerich is quite the young man and up and coming racer. He is 10 years old from Waddell Arizona and in the 4th grade. His favorite
subject in school is math. He enjoys eating tacos, which is not a bad energy food for racing. Makai chose his number because it’s his birthdate.
Makai races the 65 age and 65 open classes on his 65 Husky. He has been racing for 2 years and improving every year. He started racing because it seemed fun and then he found out it was really really fun and he was ready to give it a try. He wanted to improve his skills and he loved meeting all the new people in the Moto community. Sometimes he feels like when he is having a bad day, getting on his bike and riding will make him feel better because it makes him happy. His favorite track to ride is Milestone because of
the dirt and jumps and he enjoys watching Ryan Villopoto race, or when he used to race. His favorite part of racing is getting on the gas and that he sure does.
Makai’s best racing memory is Washougal because it
was scary, but fun and it was something new.  ere were
so many kids on the gate and horsepower hill and the ruts were crazy. He also just went to Mini Majors. It was a little rough and very scary but he is for sure going back next year. Luckily Makai has not had any major injuries.  e tracks have roughed him up a bit but so far he has been able to
keep his bike up right and on two wheels.
Makai has won AMX awards in 2016 and 2017 and is
looking forward to many more in 2018. He would not be able to win these awards without his sponsors.  ey are
O’Neal, Dunlop Tires, Mika, 100%, Pro Taper and Acerbis. He would like to give extra special thanks
to Kalous Racing Techniques for the great training, SKASE MX for always keeps his bike running, and AEO Powersports for always helping him out with parts and taking care of him on and o  the track. And to his
mom and dad, an extra big thank you for all the time and money spent traveling and  xing his bikes and Lauren  ompson who is always there for him no matter what is
Look for #830
next time you are at the races. He’s got the style and attitude to make some moves. v
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