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 Why do you ride? How long have you been riding?
I have been riding on
anything that has two wheels since I can remember . . . from pedal-less bikes at two years old to a dirt bike with training wheels at three and half years. I would go in circles in my back yard, finally my dad took me into the desert with a rope tied to my bike so I wouldn’t take off too far. I had so much fun riding and knew that I wanted to do more.
I also do Judo, currently an orange/ yellow belt at my dad’s dojo (Southwest Judo Academy in Mesa). A Sensei mentioned to my dad that he should enter me in a race in Flagstaff (AMRA). So my parents took me to my first race in the mud on my PW 50. I was only four years old and never left my seat, but I thought I was going a million miles an hour. I thought everyone was cheering for ME . . . at least that’s what I wanted to believe.
I had no idea that it was the beginning of fun times and great memories. My parents realized what a great family sport it is and soon after my first race, they purchased my first KTM SX. I
was hooked on the speed, getting air, making friends, traveling and learning new tracks. For about a year, all I did was desert riding. It was fun seeing new places too.
When I was six years old, I started going to Canyon and rode on the Pee Wee track only. I started to take a dab on the vet track and, finally, I got good enough to go on the main track. It was huge! I was excited to be with the big bikes.
In 2017, I traveled to California, Nevada, and Utah to race in several series such as WORCS and TWMX. We put a lot of miles in and had so much fun!
Who’s your favorite rider – do you have a mentor? Do you do your own bike mechanics – or who helps out?
There are several riders that I follow. Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, and Marvin Musquin. It is exciting to see them get aggressive and do what they need to do to get the “W.” They all train hard and are dedicated to their teams. I know how important it is to do your best for those who believe in you.
I have a coach who has trained me for the last two-and-a-half years, he is the best. Pat McMullen (@sharkmoto25) has been a direct mentor in my training by sharing his expertise. With 30
years of experience, he brings training to a different level by making it fun, challenging me at each session and following me during my races, either in state or out of state. I trust him and have seen him bring the best out of all the riders he works with.
Ryan Clark has helped me since
I started riding dirt bikes . . . he is generous with the time he spends with me . . . I have been lucky enough to train with his team, Rockwell Racing.
My dad is also my mentor for life. He is a seventh degree (Shichidan) black belt in Judo, I also want to get my black belt in Judo one day. I practice Judo two times a week and have fun working out with my Judo family. My dad has taught me not to give up, push myself and not to accept less than 100%. I see how committed he is to every part of his life and I want to be the same way. I want
to grow up to be like my dad, minus the cauliflower ears!
The main mechanic on my team is my dad. He is the one who can make all necessary adjustments, including making sure my bike is nice and clean at all times. Randy Weber Jr. with RJR Motorsports is also someone who has
contributed to my success. He is out of California and has been the one to go to when Dad can’t do the super technical adjustments and/or repairs. He has also been a great support at some of my races including Mini Majors 2017 and AZ Open 2017. He cheered me on and saw me get first place in two classes at Mini Majors.
My Senseis at Judo are definitely people I look up to. Judo teaches respect and discipline. It is a big part of my life.
I am lucky to have a great group of friends who all have awesome dads that will help when my dad is not available, that is what moto families do for each other. Off the track we are all friends and have fun. On the track, we all want to win without getting hurt.
What’s your favorite track?
I have several favorite tracks because each one is different. Canyon Motocross is where I practice most often because it’s pretty close to my house. It is the first track that I started to practice as a Pee Wee. I also like Arizona Cycle Park because of big jumps where I can get air and the uphill jumps. California has great tracks as well, Pala, Milestone, Glen Helen, Sunrise, LACR are a few of my favorites. Even though we have to drive a few hours, it is totally worth it. You never know what pros you will run into.
During the summer months I get to ride in the forest by Munds Park. It is fun going over the big rocks, over logs, and making my own trails.
What are your current goals?
My goal for 2018 is to stay healthy. I broke my elbow last year and that set me back a few months. I want
to continue to improve my riding
by competing in some of the bigger
national races, including Loretta Lynn Qualifiers, Ponca City, Mini Majors
and the AZ Open. I am now in the 7 – 8 year old class so I am going against some kids that are fast. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. I am ready for the challenge!
Do you have any sponsors?
I am lucky enough to have sponsors who believe in me and provide the bikes, equipment and protective gear
I need to be safe. Mastel Linen and Mastel Dry Cleaners are owned by my dad and his family. I am also supported by RJR Motorsports, McMullen School of Motocross, Rockwell Racing, AEO Powersports, Dynamic Designs, Leatt, Go Pro, Dunlop Tires, Twin Air, 100%, and Acerbis.
Are you married? Kids? What’s their names? How did you meet your spouse? How do they support you?
I am only seven years old! I am busy with school, Judo, and going to practice. I live with my parents and my dog brother (Dungey). He likes to race me up the stairs, so I let him win. When I have time, I like to play soccer and on my toy dirt bike track in the backyard.
What is it like racing against family or friends?
My friends off the track and I have the same goal on the track. My only focus is to get first place and stay safe. I have fun training with my friends, but it is always healthy to compete and push each other to get faster. I like sharing my riding experience with them. I don’t have any brothers or sisters that I race against, so it makes it easier for my parents to cheer me on! v VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1 , 2018 51 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1 , 2018 51

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