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 Who:Two 50-Somethings - Mike and Samantha Bosnick from
Glendale, Arizona. Mike was born and raised
in Tacoma, Washington; Samantha was
born in Simi Valley, California but raised in Cottonwood, Arizona. They met on the Internet in a Chat Room in the early 2000’s. A friend handcuffed them to each other in a Phoenix
Bar and said something like ‘you two better learn to get along’; 17 Years Later they are still cuffed to each other. After meeting in Arizona, in 2003 the two moved to Seattle where Mike pursued his career as a commercial building
and exterior high-rise inspector and Samantha began her new career in warehouse logistics.
A freak workplace accident in 2009 left Mike needing surgery for his injuries but the surgery did not go as expected. Destined to face a life dealing with the results of the failed surgery and numerous complications including Fibromyalgia, it was obvious that Washington weather wasn’t going to be a workable option so the two relocated back to the Valley in 2011 and have no plans to ever leave.
What:Bubba’s Garage started out in 2015 as a spare
apartment bedroom that Mike used as a home office; week by week they began attending Supercross and National Motocross Races in and around the Southwest where they renewed numerous old industry relationships as well as began new ones with some big names in the world of motocross. In 2016 Mike spent most of his year in the office involved in what he called half-baked, hand drawn motocross art work; most of his drawings all were done as a sort of Get-Well card for someone he met or knew from his love of motocross. A trip to a Michael’s craft store one afternoon resulted in finding a metal plaque that had to be bought for the bedroom door; It simply said, “BUBBA’S GARAGE.” Before long the spare bedroom
was covered wall to wall with Mike’s art work and a growing number of motocross related items from the couple’s recent travels. In 2016 Mike also acquired a vintage trophy collection belonging to the original Editor of Dirt Bike Magazine, Rick Seiman aka “Super Hunky,” and more room was needed. In early 2018 Mike and Samantha moved Bubba’s Garage from the Spare Bedroom to a a sprawling home in Northwest Glendale where they house their collection of art and memorabilia. In addition to being an avid collector of motocross memorabilia both new and old, Mike’s love for motorcycles and access to a garage has allowed him to begin restoring vintage motocross
bikes. Since March of 2018 four (4) vintage bikes ranging in age from 1974 to 1982 were added to Bubba’s Garage and all are what he calls a work in progress. In addition to the four vintage motocrossers in the stable there is also a 2018 Supercross machine that belonged to Supercross Legend Chad Reed.
54 Arizona EXTREME Motorsports
Story by Mike Bosnick – Photos courtesy
Why:The name Bubba goes back to the early 80’s and Mike’s
days in his family’s commercial roofing business in Tacoma, Washington. A lifelong friend and Mike referred to each other not by name but by the name Bubba! Their spouses and kids were all called Bubba
and if you were a friend of Mike’s you were called Bubba too. That has never changed after all these years. Today Bubba’s Garage has become a vehicle for Mike to stay involved with his passion for motocross and the machines that take him back to his glory days as a motocross racer in The Pacific Northwest. But more than that, it has become a vehicle for Mike and Samantha to share their love for the sport and the people that keep it alive at a local level. For Mike and Samantha, his disabilities are a daily reminder of how precious life is and that there is more that a person can do than use his hands to make a difference. Throughout their travels to National Motocross and Supercross Events and numerous friends they have in the industry they have collected a lot of what Mike calls “Goodies” that
his wife and he have gladly donated to various charities and their local Motocross track; Canyon Motocross located in Peoria, Arizona. As they say in Bubba’s Garage #payitforward v

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