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  Just about everyone has some transmission issues every so o en, and while there are lots of shops
to choose from, one shop stands clear of the rest - Denny’s Transmissions, at 12614 N Cave Creek Rd in Phoenix.  ey’re a family-owned & operated business that’s actually been in business fo over 50 years.  e current owner, Shawn Harris took over the operation in June of 2016 a er the previous owner wanted to retire. Shawn had
actually started working in the shop when he was 8 years old, cleaning
the  oors a er school. Now he works with his father Je rey and wife Eva. Some of their employees like Dale, the manager, have tons of experience - Dale’s been doing this for over 30 years, so there is no shortage of knowledge on transmissions.  e shop does both automatic and manual transmissions, which is somewhat unusual these
days - experience makes the di erence.
Whether it’s a stock transmission out of a car, truck or RV, or a race transmission out of any kind of vehicle, they’ve got the tools and the knowledge to solve the problem.
Denny’s transmissions has a reputation for good, friendly customer service. Pickup and drop o  is availale, and if a customer wants to wait there is wi  in the waiting room. They’ll also stay late and open early if it better suits a customer’s need. The shop is open
Story and Photos by Hal Sanguinetti
Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, although special circumstances sometimes has them open on Saturday or Sunday to allow a customer to pickup or drop o  a vehicle. Credit cards are welcome, and it’s always service with
a smile. If you’ve got a transmission problem, give Denny’s transmissions a call at (602) 788-1104, and tell them AZ Extreme Motorsports sent you! v VOLUME 7 – ISSUE 4 , 2017 55

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