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AMA National Anniversary
by Hal Sanguinetti
    April 8, 1979 was a big day for Arizona motocross. Why? It was the first (and
only) AMA National motocross
ever held in our state. There have been Inter-Am events (1972 and 1976), but no other full-on AMA
Pro motocrosses, until the 1995 AMA 4-Stroke Nationals, held at Canyon Raceway, which of course, was a different kind of racing (all 4-strokes). The 1979 race had ALL the big stars of the day, and if you’d like to see an amateur film from the day, you can go to: com/watch?v=S4pjJUlX9bg. You’ll recognize some of the Arizona riders, including Chappy Blose (#444 Kawasaki), Carlos Serrano, Gary Dircks, Dave Crawford and possibly more. It’s interesting to note the track prep for the day . . . there was none, and the riders didn’t appear
to be having any emotional distress because of it.
Several pics from the program are included here, featuring bios on some of the AZ riders. v
The results for that historic day were as follows: 125 class (with AZ riders in bold face):
There was only one AZ rider in the 250 class, but Tucson’s Carlos Serrano rode to a 10th overall:
 1 Broc Glover
2 Brian Myerscough
3 Ron Turner
4 Patrick Jacobsen
5 Jim Gibson
6 Pat Moroney
7 Jeff Ward
8 Donnie Cantaloupi
9 Randy Hess
10 Richard Coon
11 Chappy Blose
12 Robert Handy
13 Gary Dircks
14 Gary Denton
15 Warren Reid
16 Melvin Newman
17 Steve Martin
18 Daniel Conway
19 Jeff Surwall
20 David Crawford
21 Tod Perkins
22 Eric Maki
23 John Olten
24 Greg Toyama
25 Duane Marker
26 Clifton Lett
27 Andy Kirker
28 Weldon Riebschleager
29 Dan Dobbins
El Cajon, CA Calimesa, CA Lakeside, CA Auburn, WA Orange, CA Newburgh, NY Mission Viejo, CA Stockton, CA
El Cajon, CA Ghent, NY Phoenix, AZ Keener, LA Phoenix, AZ Chino, CA Westminster, CA San Angelo, TX St Petersburg, FL Houston,TX
Des Plaines, IL Glendale, AZ Duncan Falls, OH Hollywood, CA Venice, FL Fountain Valley, CA Wenatchee, WA Long Beach, CA Whittier, CA Corbus Christi, TX Sunnyvale, CA
Yamaha 1 Suzuki 2 Yamaha 3 Suzuki 4 Suzuki 5 Suzuki 6 Kawi 7 Yamaha 8 Suzuki 9
Yamaha 10 Kawi 11 Suzuki 12 Yamaha 13 Yamaha 14 Honda 15 Suzuki 16 Yamaha 17 Suzuki 18 Yamaha 19 Suzuki 20 Yamaha 21 Yamaha 22 Suzuki 23 Yamaha 24 Yamaha 25 Yamaha 26 Yamaha 27 Suzuki 28 Suzuki 29
Bob Hannah Kent Howerton Marty Tripes Jim Weinert Scott Gillman John Savitski Ron Sun
Steve Wise Mike Leoffler Carlos Serrano Ron Pomeroy Koji Masuda Mike Guerra Mark Gregson Tony DiStefano Mark Robillard Mike Twigg Michael Preston Mike Marquez Kippy Pierce Kipp Classen Steve Rhyan Randy Losh Larry Wosick Dan Waller Robert Reisinger Bill Quellette Stephen Bauer Scott Lester
Whittier, CA
San Antonio, TX Santee, CA Middletown, NY Santa Ana, CA Atlas, PA Sherwood, OR Mcallen, TX Denver, CO Tucson, AZ Yakima, WA Suzuki
Bolton, CT Salem, OR Bristol, PA Methven, MA Hagerstown, MD Stockton, CA Aptos, CA
Fort White, FL Hayward, CA
San Clemente, CA Carmichael, CA San Jose, CA Truckee, CA Irvine, CA
Van Nuys, CA Riverside, CA Ashtabula, OH
Yamaha Suzuki Honda Kawi Suzuki Yamaha Husky Honda Husky Maico Yamaha Japan Husky Yamaha Can-am Husky Yamaha Suzuki
Can-Am Suzuki Suzuki
Maico Kawisaki Yamaha Yamaha Honda VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 3 , 2018 59

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