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 My dad raced pro and my mom raced. So I was around it when
I was young and just loved it.
I did my first race when I was six, but
it was the only race I did when I was little. I mainly focused on football. I played college football at the University of Idaho, got sick of it and left to start racing again. I did my next race when I was 20, and kept racing from 20-26. I broke my spine, my neck, all my ribs and both my legs. I took 11 years off, but started riding again in January.
My favorite rider when I was young was my dad and Jimmy Button. My favorite rider now is my buddy Devin
Raper. I love cheering him on during Supercross and riding with him when I get the chance. I own my bike and have some great people and places that help me out here locally; MX Shoppe AEO Powersports and Trevor Ostrander are the three main people who keep my bike up and going.
My favorite track when we raced all over was Glen Helen or Hangtown in Arizona. I like all the tracks, not really a favorite. They all have stuff that is unique and fun.
My current goals are to move up to
a 350 and hit a couple of the Vet and National races in 2019. I wanted to take
a year and get back and comfortable on the bike. I finally feel I’m getting close and it’s time to travel to some bigger races, see what I have.
I have the best sponsors and I couldn’t ride without them. Old Town Ink,
Mx Shoppe, AEO Powersports, Flo Motorsports, Fasthouse, Five 18 Design, Bubba Irwin and my beautiful girlfriend Lauren Hawthorne.
I have a girlfriend, Lauren Hawthorne. She has a daughter named Lucy.
They are the best thing that has ever happened to me. They are at every race wearing there #teamhelvin shirts for me. Lauren is always pushing me to ride and
better myself. She always reminds me that it’s just for fun now and not paying rent with it.
I used to race my best friend, Bubba Irwin, every weekend back in the day. That was fun. He was one of the fastest in the state. I could never beat him,
but racing Vet Pro now, most of the
guys know each other and it’s a fun atmosphere. Every one wants to win, but no one will take any one out and it’s just for fun. We talk at the gate, practice together and hang out. It’s a great atmosphere and why I ride, because the best people on the planet race dirt bikes. It’s like one huge family. v
An AMX Interview • Photos by Alec Holliday and Ron Swangler VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 61 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 61

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