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The State of the MX Nation
By Dan Matthews, with Hal Sanguinetti
Being as how I’m currently on   be eligible to win! To me, as a long time   just think he’s cool. He didn’t start with   years, caught and passed it. To tell the
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can act like the Donald. Long story, which you don’t need to hear . . .
My last story/rant was defending the premise that motocrossers were not killing the sport. It’s been a pretty good month-and-a-half or so, and a lot of racing has gone down since then. The first AZ State Championship race, five Supercrosses, the first 2018 AMA Loretta Lynn’s qualifiers, and a historic Vintage National. Historic because this was the first AVDRA National in conjunction with AHRMA . . . and believe it or not, I’ve watched or been at almost all of them (believe it or not). So here’s the state of our state as regards motocross.
“I don’t have any money for my son to race or practice,” this sounds like a great deal. If you’re a practice guy, all you have to do is drop one practice, add a $15gatefee,andrace!Itwassurprising that for the first race of the year, with everyone having zero points and no point advantage, that the turnout wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. For all of the complaining about tracks and associations not giving enough back to the racers, this sounds like a pretty good deal. You’re not going to find anything near as good as that anywhere in the country . . . and please tell me if there IS something better, I’d like to know about it.
motocross, but came up through the ranks in cross country, GNCC and desert racing. So it was cool to watch that . . .BUT...I’dreallyliketoseeSXgo tothethree-motoformatfulltime.Yeah, there were some minor hiccups in the initialpresentation,likeittakingwaaaay too long between motos, but that could easily be cured by shortening the time between motos. After all, these riders are in superb physical condition, and the first two motos being so short should not be an effort for any of them. There was quite simply, too much ‘dead air’ being filled by unnecessary things. Maybe make the KTM Mini Challenge two events. How about developing a true 125cc 2-stroke class to develop the next generation of Supercross riders? Whatever, they didn’t ask me (like they should have). But I’m really looking forward to the rest of the SX season.
truth, I think I’ve helped to build that new record by getting all my friends to come and race – this year I’m getting a 12-passenger van just to pick up all the racersattheairport(fromalloverthe world . . . countries like Japan, Oregon, WashingtonandWisconsin–youknow, some of the far-away places!) It should be as great a trip as it has been in the past – hopefully, I’ll have some good stories for you in our next issue.
The thing that was great about this year’s Arizona event is seeing some friends like multi-time AMA National Champion Gary Jones. I was never a great racer back in the day like Gary was, but it’s really cool now to count him among my personal friends. Gary likes just about everyone, even including me. He also has my dream bike, a ‘74 YZ 250 (the very first of the YZ series). It was a decent turnout, and I’m sure it will continue to get bigger every year, as Promotor Dave Boydstun does a great job. Well . . . maybe not as big as
   The 2018 Phoenix Supercross was good, primarily because the two guys I wanted to see win did win. It was good to see Eli’s win, not because I’m a Kawaski lover or anything like that (because if I was, Hal would not type out any stories for me anymore), but because Eli and his dad John have a history of racing with us here in Arizona during the winter months at the Verde Valley Motorplex and at
From what I saw of the AZ State
Championship Series race, I don’t
understand Arizona racers. The program
has been changed so that you only
have to race six races A YEAR, three
in the spring, and three in the fall . . .
one a month. Win it after such an easy
schedule and you can race and practice
all of 2019 for free, and if you finish 2nd
or 3rd, you can practice all year for free,
too. You can even miss one race and still   Speedworld. As for Aaron Plessinger, I   Don’s Texas event, finally after all these
The most fun was Dave Boydstun’s
annual Vintage National, which was
started at Speedworld and until last
year held the attendance record (801   Speedworld once had . . . v entries) and until last year’s Diamond
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