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Name Dropping at the Professional Level
Every year I write a story about a great bunch of guys I knew back on Okinawa, where I started racing motocross. Hal and I were talking the other day about how so much of our lives revolves around motorsports - motocross for me, drag racing for him. You know us, we’re both a couple of big name droppers [Editor’s note: it’s really Dan a lot more than me - Hal], but if it were not for our involvement in motorsports,
I don’t believe either of us would be who we are today (a couple of old guys sitting around flapping our gums and writing stories about stuff nobody may care about! LOL!) I guess what got me started thinking about his
was going through The Motocross Files one night, and seeing the Danny “Magoo” Chandler episode... and
there’s Hal, interviewing Danny at the 1984 Superbowl of Motocross at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (because the Olympics had taken the Colliseum in LA that year.) It got me thinking about the people - between Hal & I - who we knew, who we’d been introduced to, people that we never expected to meet. I know for me that Brad Lackey, Gary Jones, Brian Deegan, Roger DeCoster, even Jody Weisel (who my wife loves reading his stuff in Motocross Action), Jeremy McGrath and his dad Jack (who my wife and I got to know well when Jeremy was racing trucks at Speedworld). The sad part about Jack and I is that we are definitely too much alike - we were both consumate mini parents who were way too hard on
our kids during the early days of their careers. We both eat too much and
we’re both a couple of big flirts. Oh well, I digress....
I agree completely with Dan about this... most of the “famous” people I know came through either motocross
or drag racing: Brad Lackey, Magoo, David Bailey, Ricky Johnson, Joel Robert... Ron Capps, Jack Beckman, Don Garlits, Tony Shumacher, the list goes on. Announcing for 45 years and, to a lesser extent, owning a Maico dealership for 14 years in Pasadena,
has brought me into contact with a lot of really cool people. But as Dan just said to me now, it’s not so much that
we really KNOW these people, it’s that they know who we are. If you were to walk up to Brad Lacky and said “do you know Dan Matthews?” he might say no.
But if you said “do you know the guy that owned Speedworld?” he’d say oh hell yes. Or same with me - they might not know my name, but they know
me as an announcer. It works for me, and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet all of these folks, every one of which is a great story in his own right.
The only reason we wrote this is
because we [Editor’s note: he means I here, not we - Hal] hadn’t dropped any names yet this issue, and that’s one of my requirements for every issue. But really, much of our lives, especially in our later years, is defined by and made richer by the people we’ve met along the way - and continue to meet.. v
By Dan Matthews, with Hal Sanguinetti – Photos by Dan Matthews
           Jeremy McGrath – Photo by RD Films You Tube Channel
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