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 Story by “Chicago” Jerry
In the 22nd edition of Dave Boydstun’s “Duel/ Dual in the Desert, it was the great race with points for BOTH vintage racing clubs, AVDRA
and AHRMA. THAT’S been a long time coming!
As memory serves me, somewhere around 2006 was the last time that AHRMA participated in “DUAL.” Back then, it was spelled DUAL, a play on words, signifying both vintage and post-vintage racing. After AHRMA was no longer involved, Dave continued with DUEL, reverting back to the spelling meaning
“a gun battle contest.” Then back to this year, DUAL signified both clubs.
There was some GREAT racing among 232 racers in the various classes, be they vintage, post-vintage, some modern classes and a kid’s class too, which had more girls than boys! In addition to the Sunday racing, there was a trials competition on Saturday that had 17 riders and an MX school taught by none other than Multi-Time National MX Champion, Gary Jones.
Saturday night had a BBQ among the crew and a TV was set up to catch the best Supercross of the year.
Photos by AVDRA Family
At the rider’s meeting on Sunday, in addition to the regular race business at hand, Mr. Boydstun presented a plaque to Pam Gorman for 20 years of helping put this race together.
After all was said and done, the only complaints that were heard were from the folks that didn’t make it to the event. If you missed it, you missed a classic. I’m glad that I’m one of the lucky ones who made it. v
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