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 Why do you ride? How long have you been riding?
I ride because I love
riding. It is my favorite thing to do and it makes me feel very happy and excited. I started riding an electric Razor quad when I was
3 years old. Then when I was 4,
I got my  rst electric dirt bike. It was also a Razor brand and it was a Jeremy McGrath edition, which I loved. That is when I  rst started riding dirt bikes. I mostly rode in the greenbelt behind my house. I would bug my parents every day to take me out to the greenbelt
so I could ride my dirt bike. The problem with my electric dirt bike is that it would run out of battery after about 45 min. So I begged and did really good in school and  nally asked for a gas dirt bike.
I got my  rst gas dirt bike when
I was 5 years old. It was an SSR 70. I was so excited. I continued to ride in the greenbelt behind our house. I also would go up north in the woods and ride as much as I could get my parents to take me.
My racing career started when my cousin’s invited me to Canyon MX. At  rst both my parents said, “NO WAY!” But then we went
to the 2017 Supercross at the Glendale Arena. That is when my parents saw the KTM 50’s during the half time. We all thought it was so cool and that is when they said, “this does not look too bad.” Little did they know...
So after the Supercross race, my parents said I could go to Canyon with my Cousins and ride my SSR. I had the time of my
life. I was only on the PEWEE track but to me that was HUGE.
I immediately asked my parents
if I could race. After some time thinking about it, they  nally agreed to allow me to race. So my Dad started walking around the track asking other Dad’s what we needed to do to get involved. He found out pretty quickly that the SSR and gear I had were not good for racing. So my Dad went on the hunt for a race bike. He found a 2015 Cobra 50 JR that same week and we bought it immediately.
We took it straight out to the track that day and I loved it. It was the very next weekend when the  rst AMX Race started. That was my  rst race ever. That was back in February of 2017. So I have been riding for 10 months.
I just recently  nished the
and I  nished with a 1st place in the 4-6 class. I am very proud of my accomplishment. My family and I worked really hard this last year and it really paid o  for me.
Who’s your favorite rider – do you have a mentor? Do you do your own bike mechanics – or who helps out?
I have a couple favorite riders. Ryder DiFrancesco is my favorite racer. He was super nice to me when I met him. He took the time to give me some tips and hang out with me. My other favorite rider is Axle Hodges. He does not race but he is a very good and unique rider.
My mentor is Justin Buckelew. He is also my coach. He is very nice to me and he is a good man. He is a strong Christian and a great coach and I look up to that.
I have some really good mechanics in my corner. My main mechanic is Mike Carpenter with Trackside MX. I also
have Jason Heim who
really helped me build
my  rst race bike. I also
use AEO Powersports sometimes. Lastly is my Dad, he does all of the bike prep, cleaning, oil changes, etc. and I love to help him.
What’s your favorite track?
My favorite local track is Canyon MX. I really like the EMT’s and all my friends I get to see there.
My favorite out of state track is Milestone MX in California.
What are your current goals?
I am moving up to the 7 to 8 class a er January 1st, 2018. I know there is going to be some good competition but I have a goal to get top three in the state next year.
I also have a goal to travel more this year and race in some more national races.
Do you have any sponsors?
My Dad is my main sponsor right now. His company is Younger Building Solutions. I also am a sponsored rider for Trackside MX. I have had a great  rst year and
it has attracted some additional sponsors. I am currently talking
to a few companies and I hope
to have some good sponsorships lined up for next year.
Are you married? Kids? What’s their names? How did you meet your spouse? How do they support you?
No, I think I will wait a few years for that.
What is it like racing against family or friends?
I love racing with family and friends. Sometimes it is hard because I am really competitive, but I still love to
see my friends doing good at the same time. v
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