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  Story & Photo by A.J. Crader
October 20th, 2018, this past very sunny and windy Saturday, Phoenix Area Drag Racers held our first race under the new “Best Package” format, a huge thank you to Tim Moore of Poor Boys Diesel for their support! What
a long club day it was at Tucson Dragway, with 17 separate categories across 8 clubs!
PADR1320’s day started with 3 vehicles entered, but as 1st round of competition started to draw near, the Red F250 of Bradley Kulesa, decided that it wanted to start spewing fluid out the overflow on high boost. So Brad decided it was best to not risk the truck or the track’s surface and to pack up and head home to race another day!
1st round, comes around and still only 2 cars signed up, Marcos Ocampo in his Mustang, and Tom Friesen is his former patrol Crown Victoria! This first pass was not perfectly smooth, this was due to this new format. The tree was supposed to come down in a heads-up manner, but was handicapped which caused Marcos to be a bit caught off guard and cut a 0.135 RT, and ran a 12.933 ET on a 13.02 dial. Marcos’ break-out caused this to be a non-counted run. Tom, made PADR1320’s first counted pass, a 0.142 RT, and a 16.172 on a 16.00 dial...calculated out to a package of 0.314.
Going into 2nd round, Tom carries the best package, and Marcos is determined to make a pass that counts and to de-throne Tom. This time though, we have the lights fixed and the race is underway, Tom gets a 0.117 RT and ran a 15.962 ET on a 16.00 dial making the run not count. This opened the door for Marcos, who had a .114 RT and ran a 13.131 on a 12.90 dial, giving him a package of 0.345. That package left him .032 off of taking the lead away from Tom.
Now comes our 3rd and last round, with Tom still on top. Lights worked again as expected. Tom jumps out with a 0.159 light, and ran a way under 15.881 on a 16.13 dial, leaving Tom with a best package of 0.314. Marcos, cuts the best light in PADR competition with a 0.044 RT, and then with a dial of 12.90, he ran a 13.049. This gave Marcos a best package of 0.193, and the top spot for the meet. Congratulations Marcos! v VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 67

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