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 By Dan Matthews, with Hal Sanguinetti Photos by Kara Lonati
There was an Amateur SX the day after the big Phoenix event, and many Arizona riders competed (as well as riders from all over the country). There will be seven more events, and several Arizona riders will be racing at some
of them. The track here in Phoenix was a good one, suitably tamed down from the Pro race the night before (thanks to a lot of work overnight by the track crew!) We’re going to list any AZ riders who finished in the top 3 of their classes, as I doubt any of us are interested in riders from out of state LOL! v
 Ultracross 50cc 4-8
2nd Grant McDonald, Fountain Hills
50cc 4-6 Limited
3rd Grant McDonald, Fountain Hills
50cc 4-8 Limited
2nd Grant McDonald, Fountain Hills
65cc 7-9
2nd Ryder Bednar, Chandler
65cc 10-11
2nd Jeremy Frappani, Scottsdale
Women 12+
2nd Lauren Thompson, Mesa 3rd Sabrina Ritzler, Litchfield Park
3rd Tyler Johnson, Clarkdale
40+ Class
1st Ted Campbell, Mesa
2nd Ed Foedish, Scottsdale
*it’s noteworthy to point out that 3rd place was former Yamaha factory rider Jim Holley
2nd Cole Carmack, Lake Havasu City
Open C
2nd DJ Weber, Scottsdale
3rd Cole Carmack, Lake Havasu City
Amateur All Stars
3rd Slater Colby, Scottsdale VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1 , 2018 69

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