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 Area 51 Racing Grand Championship Series Race #5 Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park – Chandler, AZ
June 9th was the date for American DRAGCAR’s most recent race with
the Season VII Area 51 Racing Grand Championship Series Race #5 along with the Race4Home Realty Junior Championship Series Race #5 at Wild Horse Pass and though it’s a bit past due, we thought the race write-up would be a good read for the mid-summer break to keep you racers in the mood.
It was sure to be a hot race with the points battles being so tight but the early summer weather was also quite hot as the gates opened with triple digits on the thermometer. While the temps were warmer than anticipated for this race, it was actually very tolerable by the second round of qualifying, nice even.
After Qualifying was completed,
the #1 Qualifier of the night was Ron Shelly in his big-block ’74 Vega posting a tough 9.006/147.73 mph charge while Hal Sanguinetti sat close behind
in his small-block Chevy powered front engined dragster for the #2 spot with a 9.047/152.76 blast. Daryl Nance picked
up the #3 spot in his ’77 Mustang II with   to the line against Kyle Marsteen on a
closed with still another controversial performance as Mike O’Donnell went to the line with an opted 9.75 index and snatched the stripe from James Sorenson after being a couple hundredths later
on the tree with a 9.708 over a good 10.929 on a 10.90 effort. But in a great show of sportsmanship and true understanding of the spirit of the rules, O’Donnell opted off of the ladder to allow Sorenson to continue on in the competition.
Round Two saw Kyle Holbrook
take a .06 RT advantage over Marvin Wolfmeier and hold on to win big with an under-index 11.743 on an 11.80 over a tough 10.898 on a 10.90 effort. Scott Gibson did it with RT as well while taking out points leader Butch Saylor
for the S/E Bounty Award, 10.967
on a 10.95 over 10.715 on a 10.70. And Bob Thurston also took the RT advantage to win by a mere hundredth as he closed out the round against James Sorenson, 11.661 on an 11.60 over a quicker 10.915 on a 10.90 effort.
The semi-finals saw Scott Gibson lined up against Connor Villalobos in his white Chevy II. Villalobos nailed the light with a stout .021 to earn him the Best Reaction Time of Eliminations
Jeffrey A. Sefranek American DRAGCAR USDRAGCAR
     a 9.716/128.24 hit as Mike O’Donnell managed the #4 spot in Polito Racing’s Fox body Mustang with a 9.826/129.35 run. Kody Robinson finished off the Fast Five in his ’70 Camaro with a struggling 10.038/128.81 effort.
Arizona Differential Specialists SportComp Eliminator
SportComp Eliminator Round One opened first with points leader, Butch Saylor on a 10.75, lining up against Gary Cope in his substitute ride running on a 15.60. Even having a 2-tenths holeshot combined with a .042 under 10.708, Saylor was just unable to take the stripe from Cope, but Cope’s .311 under 15.289 was more than enough
to earn him the Under-Barrier DQ and Saylor still moved on to the next round. Next was Michael Porter on a 12.25 going to the line against Marvin Wolfmeier on a 10.90. Porter was just .026 later than Wolf off the tree but Old School’s 10.874 had him leading at the stripe by almost a half car win over Porter’s near dead-on 12.251 pass. Bob Thurston on an 11.80 went
13.55. In another double run-under, it was Thurston’s .04 RT advantage paired with an 11.705 taking the win over Marsteen’s 13.498 attempt. Then it was Scott Gibson on a 10.95 against Hunter Wray on a 12.10. Both of these guys have been struggling to get good first- round passes all season - this time they both made good runs but it was Gibson going into E2 with a .024 RT advantage paired with a 10.945 over a tough 12.109 effort. Connor Villalobos took an 11.70 index against Scott Niles on his 10.75. Niles took a huge advantage off the tree as he gave chase but an off pace 10.842 fell a half-car short of Villalobos’ well under-index 11.589 charge. For the record, Villalobos had been notified prior to eliminations that due to his very “off” qualifying performance, an unreasonable run-under would be grounds for a DQ - until it was realized that he was paired against his own teammate. Then we
just jokingly said they could fist it out
in the pits. But Niles was okay with
the outcome as he is trying to help the young new racer get on his wheels so while ugly on paper, all was good here and Villalobos went into the next round with a big index penalty. The round
          LEFT: Ron Shelly is getting so used to the Winner Circle that he doesn’t even bring his car anymore but he still likes taking home the trophies. VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 3 , 2018 69

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