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 Hey everyone, welcome to the
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Subcommittee on Federal Lands also held a hearing on a separate bill sponsored by Rep. Cook, which would create the Apple Valley OHV Recreation Area. The “Desert Community Lands Act” (HR 2365) would transfer 4,630 acres of federal land to the town of Apple Valley that will be used for motorized recreation.
Distracted driving continues to be the number one leading cause of car accidents in America. Talking on the phone, texting, eating, reading, grooming, and talking are just some of the ways drivers get distracted behind the wheel.
True addiction is characterized by compulsive behavior (that’s the “you can’t stop doing it” part), physical dependence, and withdrawal on cessation of the addiction. Is that the same as trying to quit racing?
Humans started wearing shoes about 40,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought, new anthropological research suggests. It took motorcycle racers quite some time after that to come up with a good motocross boot.
Did you know?
Coca-Cola was originally green?
It’s impossible to lick your elbow? The cost of raising a medium-sized
dog to age 11 is $16,400?
Just thought you should know this
Oh, and by the way, I guarantee you
by Hal Sanguinetti
GP races, the TVs open up a number of   The House Natural Resources
   Motorsports! We’re just wrapping up the really busy racing time of year for many of AZ’s motorsports activities, as the hot time of year is upon us. Motocross and drag racing go to night racing (and fewer events), but dirt ovals are cranking with sprinters, midgets, bombers and more at your local dirt track. There are still some ‘desert’ and off road races, but they’re mostly up in the cooler mountains. Of course, the watersports community is totally ready for the summer! Here’s what’s happening in our worlds.
The 2018 no-membership required Monsoon Madness MX series kicks off June 16, followed by July 14, August 4 & August 25, all at Canyon Raceway. Gates open at 4, practice is at 6 and racing starts around 7. Trophies, prizes & awards await you. Our friends Mike ‘N Samantha at Bubba’s Garage have gotten some goodies from Chad Reed AND 4 pairs of the new Viral MX goggles for random winners - thanks!
the revived Monkeys will be available, and what the MSRP will be.
Its popularity was based on a cute, instantly-likable design, tiny dimensions and light weight, which made it a load of fun around town. Because it was so much fun and easy to ride, it did more to sell the concept of motorcycles to a wider public than perhaps any other machine.
Arizona Dealership Opens New Space
On Any Moto, a Tucson, Arizona- based dealership that sells a mostly Italian brands, recently opened a brand new space that triples the size of their footprint. The new 10,000 square foot dealership, located at 2535 N Jackrabbit Ave, is just over a half-mile away from the previous location. But in terms of technology and design, one could call it worlds apart. “We went after uniqueness, style and we’re definitely state of the art — we have a lot of technology in the building,” said executive vice president
Moto can host. According to Battaglia, the upgrade was a long time coming, which was primarily a service shop until 2015 when it began to take on its current lineup of brands that includes Piaggio, Moto Guzzi, Aprilla, Ducati, MC, Beta, MV Agusta and California-based Zero Motorcycles. At approximately 6,000 sq. ft., the new space has a show room twice the size as before, allowing better display of its numerous brands. The move also three times the service space, and twice as many bays (to six). In addition, each technician will have a toolbox, cabinet and workstation to improve efficiency.
Another AZ dealership that is adding space is the GoAZ Motorcycles location in Peoria, near Bell and Arrowhead Fountains Center Drive. The plan is to add about ten-to-fifteen thousand square feet, mostly to accomodate their new status as an official KTM dealership. Another street brand is possibly in the offing, but nothing is official at this time. It’s a beautiful store, check it out!
The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee passed SEMA-supported legislation to permanently designate six existing off-highway vehicle (OHV) areas comprising 300,000 acres in San Bernardino County as “national” OHV areas: Johnson Valley (expanded by 11,000 acres), Spangler Hills, El Mirage, Rasor, Dumont Dunes and Stoddard Valley. The “California Off-Road Recreation and Conservation Act” (HR
Honda to bring back the Monkey in   and general manager Michael Battaglia. 2018.
  Honda’s iconic mini-bike is re- imagined for the present day, with original styling but complemented by modern touches such as USD forks, twin rear shocks, LCD instruments, IMU- based ABS & full LED lighting. Its 125cc air-cooled engine delivers 6.9kW power;
 The most compelling feature of the   857) is sponsored by Rep. Paul Cook
new space is at its entrance, where a
massive awning - a 40’ diameter replica
of a Ducati Trellis motorcycle frame -
greets customers. Inside, a pair of 85”
screens and four auxiliary 65” screens
anchor the 6,000 sq. ft. show room and
draw the attention of customers. From
displaying promotional content to Moto   of Representatives.
(R-CA). The bill expands wilderness
designations in the California desert,   tried to lick your elbow . . . v
 although it prohibits the Secretary of the Interior from closing any roads or trails that are currently open for motorized recreational access. The bill now awaits consideration on the floor of the House
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