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 Welcome to the  nal issue of AZ Extreme Motorsports for 2017. As the nice weather is here, there is lots going
on here in the Valley of the Sun and elsewhere in Arizona. We’ve got some news for you on a wide variety of things, both race events, business news and people, so read on!
We’ve made an important change to the business card ad section; now it’s listed by City & Region - with a list of the motorsports recreation opportunities listed before each section. Please check out these sponsors and advertisers, they make your paper possible (and free!)
Also check out the event schedule for EVERY possible event I could  nd on the internet! LOL!
The 2018 AZ State Motocross Championship schedule is listed on page four and other various pages in this issue. The Awards Party for the 2017 Series is on Sunday, January 7, so the  rst race should follow shortly thereafter. It will be posted on the Web and Facebook, as well as by email. Get your bike freshened up and be ready to go!
There are quite a few riders who are scheduled for ability move-ups at the awards party on January 7, and they all are deserving of it. Many are in PeeWee beginner, but there are other riders as well. With this in mind, riders (and their parents) should remember a couple of things:
1. It’s a tribute to you, for getting better and improving your skills.
2.You’ll NEVER get better riding against someone you can beat.
3. You WILL learn more riding against riders you can’t beat, but follow and learn from in the coming races.
Congratulations to all of you on a job well done!
The 2018 Supercross race in Glendale comes on Saturday night, January 27 this year, so talk to your friends, get your tickets and get ready to cheer on your favorite rider at Cardinal Stadium!
by Hal Sanguinetti
Charlie Lawlor of Short Block   3. Why is it that nylon zip-ties fall o  on
That’s about it for this issue - please the track, but back home in the garage   remember that anything new, for either
  Charlies, one of our advertisers, has
something new up his sleeve for you
4-stroke motorcycle speed freaks. He’s
discovered that Honda has been using
slightly o set valve angles that allow
more  ow into the cylinder, thereby
increasing power . . . and has made
some special tooling for his valve seat
machine that enables him to do the
same thing on many engines, including Harley-DavidsonsTM. His own personal
machine added signi cant horsepower   upcoming issues. and substantial torque with no other
modi cations. I’m not sure if it can be done on every 4-stroke, but if you’re looking for more power, it’s worth giving Charlie a call to  nd out. He’s also doing more and more restoration work on old bikes . . . as in REALLY old bikes. The current project is a 1912 Thor (no doubt you’ve heard of them, right?) They have one-piece cast steel cylinders (pictured) that are actually quite light for the material, and steel pistons that use little screws to hold the wrist pins in position in the piston! Amazing technology, especially for the time period. If you have an old bike problem, call him!
If you’re like me, you probably have stacks of old motocross and dirt bike riding magazines around. I also have mags of drag racing, theater organ, plastic modeling, WW2 & history and the list goes on, but I digress. I’ve decided to thin my motocross & dirt bike magazines and am going through them one by one. In doing so, this morning I came upon a Motocross Action from September of 1993 . . . yeah, older than many of you. In it, Jody was saying that motocross is a sport of paradoxes. The word is de ned as: a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true. He listed a bunch of them, some of which I’m going to share with you here:
1. Why do manufacturers list the “dry weight” of bikes in their brochures? We can’t race them dry.
2. How is it possible that when you show up at the very  rst race ever held at a brand new race track, you recognize the gra ti in the porta-can?
  you need a hammer & chisel to get
standing next to your girlfriend during
you and your racer family or your business, is news. Send your info to me at and we’ll see about including it in the next issue. I hope everyone has a very safe and Happy Holiday season, and we’ll see
them o  your bike?
4. Who is that guy who is always
your motos?
5. How come three people be in the same
race without agreeing on a single fact?   you at the tracks!v My favorite of these  rst  ve is #2.
We’ll have more of these for you in VOLUME 7 – ISSUE 4 , 2017 7

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