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 “And the hits just keep on
coming!” Yep, it’s another   realized that the confrontation was
well-packed issue of
Arizona EXTREME Motorsports Magazine, with plenty to keep you occupied for sometime at lunch (or your desk, if you can get away with it.) Then share your magazine with other racers and/or co-workers, so they can enjoy it as well. We’re going to work very hard this year to accomplish our original goal of four issues a year, a goal that has been made more difficult by a lack of material & photos submitted to our meager staff. If you’d like to submit either (stories and/or photos), please send them to for consideration.
by Hal Sanguinetti
The 2018 AZ State Championship
Series is underway, along with the
concurrently running EZ-Up Awning
Series; points for both may be found
elsewhere in the magazine. The most
recent race event (round 3 of the EZ-Up
Series) was last Sunday at the time of
this writing, and there was another good
turnout, supplemented by quite a few
Old Timers who are in town from out of
state and plan to race the AZ Old Timer’s
International event this coming weekend
at Canyon. I might add, there are some   racing and (b) go a long way. THANK
Yamaha Motor Corp has released a photo of the exciting new YZ 65, an all- new youth motocross bike to complete the company’s 2018 model lineup. Featuring an all-new engine, chassis, suspension, bodywork and more which should be in dealer showrooms in April, making it eligible for this year’s Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross National Championship, with a MSRP of $4,599. Yamaha pioneered the 65 class and raced with it for a number of years, culminating in the Yamaha YZ65 Race of Champions at Ponca City, during the big NMA Nationals. Glad to see this, it’s loooonnnng overdue.
This press release came across my desk today, just minutes before sending this column to the printer . . .
We Ride Powersports is officially changing its name to Nash Powersports. Why you ask? To stand out! We felt so strongly about our message of “We Ride” and having fun with our customers on their journey we made it our name, and in just 6 short months we have proven ourselves by showing that going out and enjoying the sport together speaks louder than any platform available.
Yamaha Motor Corp. announced its annual National Hunting and Fishing Day support this year, which includes giving away an all-new 2018 Wolverine X4 Side-by-Side in Realtree camo through an online sweepstakes at www. The sweepstakes is open to men and women, 18 years of age or older, through the end of October 2018. Yamaha’s annual sponsorship of NHF Day is aimed at raising awareness and support for outdoor recreation and conservation. This year’s sweepstakes features the 2018 Wolverine with an all-new quiet and comfortable 847cc twin cylinder engine.
NHF Day serves as the most effective grassroots effort ever taken to promote outdoor sports and conservation. Yamaha, through its relationships with organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Safari Club International, Buckmasters, Tread Lightly! National Wild Turkey Federation & NHF Day, among others, is a continued supporter of conservation efforts for outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Scheduled annually on the fourth Saturday of September, this year NHF Day’s celebration of hunting, fishing and conservation is set for September 22nd.
have been at odds for years, but finally
 counterproductive,andtheeventdrewa goodly number of racers that had a great timeon(insomecases)someREALLY old dirt bikes.
On a more serious note, everyone is aware that on occasion it’s necessary to invoke some penalties and/or disciplinary action at the races. Almost always, this is caused by a rider’s failure to observe the required slowdown resulting from a yellow flag. Unfortunately, it sometimes results in confrontations with angry parents and/or the rider. But this past weekend, we had a couple of riders who received such a penalty: one for passing under yellow and the other for jumping under yellow. Nobody likes to have to bring such a penalty to the people involved, but this time the AMX officials were very pleasantly surprised to have the discussion with the parents & rider turn out to be very calm, civilized and responsible. Both riders admitted their error, and the riders & parents accepted the penalty calmly, without any of the histrionics we have (unfortunately) come to expect. It just goes to show that courtesy and honesty (a) are still alive in
      FAST dudes from out of town here for that event!
Racers, remember that the Arizona State Championship Series for 2018 consists of only six races, and has some great awards at the end of the series: first place gets free riding & practice for 2019, 2nd & 3rd get free practice for 2019. This in addition to beautiful 6’ trophies (for first) and many other prizes and goodies. AMX membership is only $40 and makes you eligible for all this - that’s less than two practice sessions! Don’t miss out on your chance for fame and glory . . . and the possibility of some real $$ savings for next year!
There are some pics and a report on the AMX year-end awards party elsewhere in the magazine; it was a big success, especially having a room big enough to seat everyone, this year at Dave & Busters. I was also very pleasantly surprised that all of our youngest racers gave excellent “thank you” speeches, which is also a first! Congratulations to all those who received recognition and awards for a job well done!
The annual Phoenix-area World
Off Road Championship Series
(WORCS)was held recently at Canyon
Raceway, and from all indicators, was
quite a success. Racers from all over the
Western US competed in motorcycle,
quad and side-by-side races over two
days, and Arizona was well represented
both in entries and podium finishes. The   ex-racer Dan Bonham has been hired as
 As more people take notice each
and every day we are prepared to
separate ourselves from our competition
even more and be industry leaders
in customer experience and service.
The name is transitioning to NASH
grew up in this industry and I truly   different than I thought it would have.
I did a little survey of the bike brands at the second EZ-Up race, and it turned out interesting, and a little
Southern Arizona-area resident and
enjoy providing a first-class experience for my customers which you deserve! I am very excited and proud to put my name on this company to further support the riding culture. I have always made myself available to anyone that wants toreachouttomeatanytimeandI promise that will not change. We are redefining the industry from our roots . . . with the throttle pinned. NASH POWERSPORTS, life’s an adventure, live it wide open!
NOT counting 50’s, 65’s or 85’s (or superminis), the most popular bike was Yamaha with 30, second was KTM with 28, then Honda/22, Kawasaki/15, Husky/9, Suzuki/9 and GasGas 2. Times have changed, haven’t they?
That’s about all I have for this issue, so grab a cold one and enjoy your magazine - Arizona’s ONLY complete motorsports publication! v
   next round will also be in Arizona, at the Crazy Horse Campground in Lake Havasu on March 16-18.
a Sales Representative for SoCal-based MTA Distributing, a major wholesale distributing firm with 5 warehouses around the country. Bonham, who began working in the industry in 1984, was a long-time racer very familiar to racers in
Another race of significance was
held back in February at ACP - the
first-ever combined AVDRA/AHRMA
Vintage Nationals. These two groups   the Tucson area. VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1 , 2018 7

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