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 Jeffrey A. Sefranek American DRAGCAR USDRAGCAR
Hal Sanguinetti qualified number one in his new front engined digger and then also captured the Bounty on T/E points leader Ron Shelly in the first round of eliminations.
 American DRAGCAR Season VII Area 51 Racing
Grand Championship Series Race 4 Home Realty Junior
AChampionship Series
merican DRAGCAR closed out its seventh season at Tucson Dragway over the
weekend of October 20th and 21st
with quite an exciting end-of-year Season Finals Celebration seeming
to have a theme along the lines of “Bittersweet Finishes.” Maybe every season is bittersweet since it’s always the END of a season, and with the end comes the excitement of crowning new champions. But for this season’s Finals Celebration, there was a lot more going on than just that.
First was the weather. The forecast all week leading up to the Finals had everybody worrying about the threat
of a total rain-out which would mean “that’s it” as far as points goes since there would be no make-up date scheduled. But as it turned out, besides the moderate wind and high humidity, the weather was actually fair for racing, so, not bad but not great.
Season VII was the first to have
the two-category Pro tree start format consisting of TopComp Eliminator
for those quicker racers choosing the 4-tenths Pro light while SportComp Eliminator was reserved for the 10.00- 16.00 entries running on a 5-tenths Pro tree. Each race also finished with a CompStar Showdown Final where the winners of the two categories would then face off against each other on a split Pro tree. All in all, this proved
to be an exciting program layout with far fewer red light than the full tree had, with much more competitive drag racing all season long.
Each race of the season still recognized the Fast Five qualifiers of the event and in the Season Finals, Hal Sanguinetti in his new big block Chevy- powered front-engined Tigger’s Digger Too took hold of the #1 qualifying spot with an 8.529 @ 162.94 mph blast leaving Geanine Ballard to settle for
#2 in her big block ’57 Chevy with
an 8.610 @ 157.34 while Ron Shelly held the #3 spot with a 9.220 @ 146.85 in his big block Vega. Pat Marback grabbed the #4 spot in his big block Chevy-powered roadster with a 9.613 @ 142.91 while Daryl Nance rounded out the Fast Five in his small block Mustang II with a 9.831 @ 135.41 mph charge.
In TopComp Eliminator (T/E), Ron Shelly came into the race with a huge points lead which only Jeff Sefranek had any chance of overcoming. But Sefranek needed for the race to go
4 rounds in order for that chance to present itself and as qualifying ended with an even 8-car field, Sefranek’s hopes were dashed by a 3-round race and Shelly officially became the Season VII T/E DRAGSTAR. But the big upset of the race came in E1 when Hal Sanguinetti chased down and passed Ron Shelly and took out the newly crowned Season VII DRAGSTAR in 8.478 seconds to earn himself his first DRAGCAR T/E round win.
In Round Two, Sanguinetti had to face Mark Ballard. Ballard had gotten a pass from Pat Marback, who staged
Mark Ballard took out Hal Sanguinetti in E2 en-route to his T/E victory.
    M.Ballard02: Mark Ballard collected his second T/E Winner trophy of Season VII but still chases that elusive Dragway.
just a little too soon in E1 and took
a CrossTalk tree that he really didn’t want. This Sanguinetti/Ballard pairing was actually a rematch from earlier in the season when Sanguinetti fell to the same CrossTalk technicality as Marback but this time was better prepared.
Ballard’s tree flashed 2-1/2 seconds before Sanguinetti’s but once the digger was in chase, Ballard was even further ahead than that as he took with him almost 6 hundredths in RT advantage and it proved to be just what he needed as he crossed the finish line just .056 VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 71

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