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Award but Gibson’s 10.946 on a 10.95 did the job on the slower 11.563 on an 11.45 attempt. Then it was the Mustang of Kyle Holbrook staging against Bob Thurston in his black Belair. Holbrook put a light on Thurston and then finished him off with an 11.745 on an 11.70 over the slightly quicker 11.639 on an 11.60 effort.
So it was to be a black and white
S/E Final Round with the Fox bodies
of Kyle Holbrook and Scott Gibson
but all Gibson saw was red when after staging his white Mustang, the trans brake failed to hold the car on the line and he left before the tree even activated, giving the S/E Win to Holbrook in the black Mustang, who would go into the CompStar Showdown Final for the bonus bucks.
TopComp Eliminator Round One opened with Ron Shelly on a 9.00
index in his Vega going up against Kody Robinson on a 9.95 in his Camaro. Both racers left the line with nearly identical .029/.027 RT’s but Robinson’s near dead-on 9.952 just wasn’t enough to hold off Shelly’s first sub-9-second 8.980 charge. Hal Sanguinetti in Tigger’s Digger on a 9.00 faced Daryl Nance in Stagefright on a 9.70 but Sanguinetti’s heads-up red-light leave gifted Nance to the next round.
The Semi-Final Round had Jeff Sefranek in the Colt Of Arms on an 11.15 going up against Daryl Nance but a double red-light start sent Nance on into the final against Ron Shelly who had drawn the bye.
So once again it was a classic Pro Stock-appearing final round with Ron Shelly’s ’74 big block Vega lining up against Daryl Nance’s small block ’77 Mustang II. But when Shelly’s 9-flat indexed Chevy left before the Nance’s 9.70 indexed Ford with both green lights glowing, it was just over for Nance as technical issues ailed him at the line
and Shelly was into his 2nd consecutive CompStar Showdown Final as the T/E Winner.
The CompStar Showdown Final had S/E Winner Kyle Holbrook in his Fox body on an 11.70 index taking on T/E Winner Ron Shelly in his Vega on a 9.00. Holbrook did a nice job on the tree netting him a very decisive RT advantage and at the stripe he was still well ahead of the fast closing Chevy but alas, for the first time ever in a final round since the inception of the under-barrier rule some years ago, Holbrook’s 11.614 was under his 11.65 disqualification barrier and that handed Shelly the CompStar Win. But that wasn’t the only first for this race. Ron Shelly’s 9.000 performance against Holbrook also earned him the first Dead-
On the Index Award since its inception just this season.
The S/E Bounty Award was picked up by Scott Gibson in E2 and the Best Losing Package Award went to Kody Robinson for his E1 .029 defeat while the Best Reaction Time of Eliminations Award was grabbed up by Connor Villalobos with his .021 E3 effort
and Ron Shelly took home the Low Qualifier Award with his 9.006/147.73 performance.
Double Down
DragOut Gambler
In the Double Down DragOut Gambler, it was John Shurr in the Final Round against Paul Polito and Shurr came away the Winner.
Race4Home Realty Junior Championship Series Race #5
In the Race4Home Realty Junior Championship Series, it was the ever- familiar Dylan Smith facing off with newcomer Tyler Sally in still another best of three match race decision. Smith Qualified with an 8.413 for a 9.40 index while Sally’s best was an 8.928 to put him on a 9.90 index.
In the first round, both racers had identical RT’s and raced to the stripe
with Smith taking it first, 8.391 over the slightly off paced 8.988 effort of Sally.
Then in round two, Smith took a big reaction time advantage as he gave chase on Sally and again took the stripe with an under-index 8.373 over Sally’s valiant 8.974 attempt. While Dylan Smith did take the race win with his two round win, Tyler Sally came away the race points winner as Smith’s under-index penalty enacted the Final Round Split. Smith however is still the big points leader in the series and may quite likely be the first Junior to get to accept an American DRAGCAR DRAGSTAR Dragway, but there are still two more races to go. Thanks again goes out to Michael Porter Racing for the added $100.00 Bonus being put up for the Junior racers!
Congratulations to each of the night’s winners and Thank You to ALL of the racers, sponsors, and Wild Horse Pass crew!
Next up will be the Area 51 Grand Championship Series Race #6 on September 8th at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports park where the CompStar Showdown Final winner will be getting just a little something special to go with their trophies and Bonus money for the last Wild Horse race of the season,
so . . . Bring Your DragCar, AND Your Junior! v
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