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of a second ahead of Sanguinetti’s 162 mph charge, 10.989 @ 122 on a 10.85 over the 8.488 on an 8.35 effort.
So Mark Ballard was in the Finals in a rematch of the final round of Race #3 where Ballard faced Sefranek. Sefranek left first and managed a promising
.050 holeshot but it was to no avail as Ballard’s Chevy caught him before the 1000’ mark and stretched it out for a full car and a half lead across the stripe with a nice 10.830 on his 10.85 over the off- pace 11.764 on an 11.60 failed effort.
Then Ballard had to wait to see
who his CompStar Showdown Final opponent would be as SportComp Eliminator (S/E) progressed on through their rounds. S/E’s points leader coming into the race was Chris Holbrook who took a short sigh of relief when the
#2 Butch Saylor proved absent from
the field at the close of qualifying.
But Holbrook still had to hold off
the challenges of Mike O’Donnell, Kyle Holbrook and Hunter Wray, to name just a few still in reach of the championship title. Both Holbrooks and Wray all made it through E1 but Mike O’Donnell’s points earnings became finalized when Shawn Morgan laid down an .016 light paired with a 14.767 on a 14.70 to move past O’Donnell into E2. The toughest race of E1 came in
the final pairing when Cope overcame
a .014 RT deficit against Tom Payton
to take the stripe by just .006 in an all out drag race, 10.588 @ 129 on a 10.55 over the close 11.300 @ 118 on an 11.25 effort.
In E2 Morgan eased Chris Holbrook’s mind a little more by overcoming a 5 hundredths RT deficit to take out Wray in another hardcore 18 thousandths MOV drag race, 14.758 @ 92 on a 14.70 over the off pace 12.529 @ 107 on a 12.40 attempt. But Chris Holbrook also fell in E2 against Cope while Kyle Holbrook stayed alive by taking out Frank Leon.
In E3, Morgan overcame another deficit when Porter went .003 on the tree for nearly .070 RT advantage but fell off in performance to be short of catching the younger Morgan by a
mere .011, 12.483 @ 109 on a 12.40 to the winning 14.705 @ 92 on a 14.70. Then in the closest race of the night, Wolfmeier finally took Kyle Holbrook out of the chase for the championship to ease Chris Holbrook’s mind completely when Kyle took more than .070 in RT advantage from the tree but fell off in performance himself to run 12.009 @ 114 on an 11.90 losing by only .005 to Wolf’s 11.030 @ 123 on an 11.00.
In the Semi-Finals, Morgan took the bye while Wolfmeier ended Cope’s climb in the standings with an under- index penalty round point bonus, 10.960 @ 124 on an 11.00 over the strong 10.499 @ 130 on a 10.50 effort.
In the S/E Final Round, Wolfmeier fell at the tree and was unable to make up the ground as Morgan’s 14.672 @
89 on a 14.70 was plenty enough to stay well ahead of Wolf’s 10.957 @ 122 on a 10.90 chase.
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So it was Morgan going into the CompStar Showdown final against Ballard, and due to his S/E Final Round performance, Morgan opted for the lowered 14.65 index while Ballard remained on a 10.85. Both Morgan
and Ballard were in for more than just themselves however as Ballard was carrying the name of longtime family friend and fellow racer Fred Moses who had just passed in the preceding week while Morgan’s dad, Jeff Morgan, was still in the hospital recuperating from
a serious medical emergency of his
own only a week prior to the race. As it turned out, both racers made the right decision on their indexes as Morgan managed to take the RT advantage and strode across the finish line more than a car and a half ahead with an outstanding 14.657 @ 90 over Ballard’s fast closing 10.900 @ 122 effort. Morgan’s victory could not have been better written by design as the third generation racer proved to have it in his blood and now gets to share his DRAGCAR story
with his father and grandfather, both
of whom are accomplished local drag racing personalities.
So as newcomer Shawn Morgan
took the big S/E Annihilator and CompStar Shwodown final win of the race, Mark Ballard still took home the T/E Annihilator trophy. Sefranek and Wolfmeier had to settle as runner-ups in their eliminators, as other honors
of the race went to Sanguinetti for
his Low Qualifier performance while also collecting the T/E Bounty. Cope collected the S/E Bounty, and Best Reaction Time of Eliminations went to Porter in S/E for his double-O-3 light in E3 while Rochelle Smith collected the Best Losing Package for her defeated .079 effort in S/E E2.
But the big news of the night was that Ron Shelly and Chris Holbrook both left the track affirmed as the Season VII DRAGSTARs of their chosen categories and the rights to display those big #1’s on their cars during the upcoming Season VIII in 2019.
In the Season VII Junior Championship Series, Dylan Smith sealed up his Junior DRAGSTAR title at Race #6 and with the Season Finals race being moved to Sunday due to
the influx of other races taking place
on Saturday, the Junior Season Finals race suffered a rainout which had Dylan Smith and Connor Murphy splitting the Final Round purse. Dylan Smith will
be the first Junior racer to accept an American DRAGCAR DRAGSTAR Champio .
Congratulations to each of the season’s Winners and Thank You
to ALL of the racers who grace DRAGCAR with their presence in the lanes.
Thanks also goes out to every one of American DRAGCAR’s sponsors; Area 51 Racing, Arizona Differential Specialists, Race4Home Realty, Michael Porter Racing, Micro Import Service, Inc., American Walk-In Coolers, Roadrunner Converters, Lab One, Inc., Wallace Motorsports,
ABOVE: Mark Ballard and Shawn Morgan looking too serious as they get ready to do battle in the CompStar Showdwon Final.
ABOVE: Chris Holbrook came in as the SportComp points leader and held on to the lead to capture his third consecutive DRAGSTAR Dragway.
     ABOVE: Third generation racer Hunter Wray finished out his first DRAGCAR season 4th in points and becomes the Season VII Rookie of the Year.
 ABOVE:Ron Shelly finally grabbed up his second DRAGSTAR Dragway with his Season VII Grand Championship Series win.
Auto & Truck Specialists, Outlaw
Race Engines, Priority Car Care, 1320 industries, American Flowtech, and of course, our Hosts; Tucson Dragway and Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park.
Thanks also to Arizona Extreme Motorsports magazine. Get ready for
Season VIII as the 2019 schedule is already completed and the Season Opener will take place at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler on January 5th 2019. Bring Your DragCar! v

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