Page 73 - AZ Extreme - AEM Volume 8 Issue 2
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 Story by Amy Estes
Amotorcycle can make you look cool, it can attract the ladies, but at the end of the day a motorcycle can give you the taste of freedom on the road like nothing else. Two native Arizona brothers, FrankE and Johnny Estes, wanted to offer the dream of owning a motorcycle to anyone. When deciding how to structure their business, they knew they wanted to remove the hassle of purchasing a motorcycle and make it easy to pick out a bike, put your money down and get out on the road. With this in mind, In 2012 they opened DWN N OUT Motorcycle Sales and Repairs in North Phoenix.
FrankE and Johnny have a long history and passion/obsession for anything with wheels. The Estes family has deep roots in the off road dune buggy industry. Their Father, Frank Estes, would pack their family of 7 in their Winebego and head to the sand dunes to ride in their 1959 sand buggy. Surprisingly, FrankE started going to the dunes when he was 3 days old, needless to say, riding dirt bikes and motorcycles became second nature.
Their father was a big influence in their life. He taught them how to be hard workers and how to be independent and own their own business. Frank owned a brake shop in downtown Phoenix that their brother, Scott, still owns and operates.
The beginnings of DWN N OUT started with FrankE selling cars out of his father’s brake shop. He soon opened his own car lot, but during the recession, he had to close it down. This was a hard blow to have to close a business that he had worked so hard to build. In trying to decide what he should do next, he decided to turn back to his passion of motorcycles and joined with his brother Johnny to open a motorcycle sales shop. Because of the hardship he had with his car lot, FrankE understood that tough times can come to anyone, so he wanted to create a financing plan that would allow anyone to own a bike. The brothers created a program to offer the only true buy-her-pay-here financing for motorcycles in the valley. The ability to provide bikes to anyone who has the dreams to own one has been a source of great pride for them. They take great pride in offering quality bikes, with simple terms to put your money down and get out on and feel the freedom of the ride. v VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 2 , 2018 73

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