Page 73 - AZ Extreme - AEM Volume 8 Issue 4
P. 73

 ABOVE: American DRAGCAR is proud to have personalities of the likes of Mic Williams, Bryan Kelly, and even recent Top Fuel sensation Jim Maroney as guild members
  ABOVE: Shawn Morgan marched his street duty Mustang through the S/E field like it was just a drive down the boulevard.
ABOVE: American DRAGCAR is blessed with some terrific sponsors including Mic Williams’ Micro Import Service, along with the Redeemers, American Flowtech, and Race4Home Realty - this is Mic’s altered! VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 73
 ABOVE: Shawn Morgan got to take home his first DRAGCAR trophies to show to his father Jeff and grandfather Walt.

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