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 Story by Hal Sanguinetti Photos off the Web
The 2017 Arizona Open of MX at Arizona Cycle Park in Buckeye was a huge success, with over 800 race entries!  e event drew riders from
many states, including California, Texas, Nevada and Idaho . . . but stunningly, relatively few from Arizona. With 44 AMA classes o ered (FAR too many, in your editor’s opinion), there were but two Arizona riders
who came away with a win: Mark Dawson in the 250cc Limited class and Ed Foedish in the Senior Plus class. Also somewhat oddly, the class with the most Arizona riders as a percentage of the total entries was the Senior 40+ class.
Whether the reason for the small Arizona turnout was that riders were not ready for an AMA license and
all the classes, the close proximity of all the Holiday events ( anksgiving & Christmas), the cost of a major event or simply the unwillingness to race a track they were not familiar with, it’s a shame it turned out this way. Let’s hope that in 2018 more AZ riders will participate in this big event. v
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