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 The Arizona Stock/Super Stock Association held their final two races of the 2018 season for
the United Engine & Machine Arizona Stock/Super Stock Association at Tucson Dragway. Race 4 was presented by Don’s Hot Rod Shop and race 5
was brought to us by Chuck Hawk’s Automotive. We had 17 cars for both races with a windy and rainy forecast
for the weekend, and want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting these races to finish out our second season!
Saturday’s #1 qualifier was Brad
Hawk with his .007 light, and Sunday’s was Tibor Kadar with his .008 reaction time. Both earned a Gold Shine Kit and California Car Duster from California Car Cover for their efforts.
Al Corda reached his fourth final of the year in his B/SA Camaro when he
runner-upped to Matt Hawk in his GT/ QA Maverick during Don’s Hot Rod race #4. Matt gets a custom fit car cover from California Car Cover for his win. Unfortunately the Chuck Hawk Automotive race #5 was rained out on Sunday with five cars remaining.
Andy Kimball was the lone semifinalist on Saturday in his E/S Fairlane. Alex Kadar and Dave Muller also finished in the money by making it to the quarter finals. With one semifinalist, Alex earned semifinalist pay in his CF/S Monte Carlo as the best losing package in the quarter finals.
Sunday’s event was rained out just prior to 3rd round which left the race cancelled with the following 5 cars still in competition: Al Corda, Andy Kimball, Brad Hawk, Leroy Duran, and Mike Graham. This would have been the
first money round so the entire purse
was split between these racers. The remaining best losing package award will be given to one of the remaining 5 racers at the banquet.
We also had an awesome N/SA heads up race between Ryan Smith and Dave Muller in first round Sunday morning before the rains came, where Muller won the round on a hole-shot by .004 of a second.
Our best losing package awards for each day are as follows:
Rd 1) Ultimate Converter Concepts gift certificate – Harry Doolittle
Rd 2) California Car Cover product – Tibor Kadar
Rd 3) Lucas Oil product– Alex Kadar
Rd 1) Ultimate Converter gift certificate – Brian Schultz
     Race 4 winner - Matt Hawk
Rd 2) California Car Cover product – Matt Hawk
Rd 3) Lucas Oil product
– Round not contested
With his four final rounds, Al Corda won his second straight United Engine and Machine AZSSSA championship. Andy Kimball finished in second place with two semifinal finishes.
Once again, we want to thank all
the racers for the support at each of these events, along with Don’s Hot Rod Shop and Chuck Hawk Automotive
for their race sponsorship, and UEM
for their season sponsorship and continued support in 2018. These great companies, and each of our race day and our year end sponsors help make this series great. Make sure to support them whenever you can! v
Race 4 best losing package in round 1 - Harry Doolittle
Race 5 best losing package round 1 - Brian Schultz
Photos Courtesy
N/SA heads up Round 1 of Race 5 - David Muller & Ryan Smith.
         Race 4 best losing package round 2 and Race 5 #1 qualifier - Tibor Kadar
76 Arizona EXTREME Motorsports
Race 4 best losing package round 3 - Alex Kadar

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