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 by Spinning Wheels Photography
Parker, AZ, has always been the place for summer fun. With fast boats pulling skiers or jet skis
running the wakes, the Colorado river has always been the go-to place. The water flows smoothly and there is plenty of room for several boats in the same area. One thing to be said is that it is the best river in the southwest for boat racing.
Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing
headed to Arizona October 13th &
14th to make a splash at the Blue Water Resort and Casino for the second-to-last event before the World Finals. Saturday’s event had some minor interruptions due to the weather - nothing like a hurricane to bring some much-needed rain to Arizona when it was not needed for a race.
Sunday is when the Thunder hit the river. A program change called for an earlier start to make up some of the lost time the day before and to get the quarter and semifinals out of the way. There is quite a big difference in drag boat verses drag racing a car. The car you drive up to the staging lanes and park until your class is ready to run. In boat racing once you’re in the water, you are towed to the staging area which is a rope strung from the shore over
to a center platform where a person raises the rope prior to you leaving the line and across the other side to some form of anchor. The entire time you
are waiting you are holding this rope at shoulder level. You must use a free hand to start your boat and wait for the lights to indicate the field is ready. Close the cockpit lid and off you go. Your arms will get tired as you wait, plus you are holding yourself steady as the current is trying to pull you away.
Two o’clock was the start time for
the final rounds. First out was the Top Fuel Hydros. Jarrett Silvery was piloting Speed Sports and Mike Robbins piloted Nitro Nuts. The capsule hatch closed
and seconds later Robbins is crossing the finish line with a 3.1952 at 242.0026 mph, leaving Silvery catching the roost in second place. Next out were Top Alcohol Hydros. Pairing up In this class were Andy Reynolds in Running with Scissors and Travis Tutle in Short Fuse. Reynolds pulled a 0.0673 to Tutle’s 0.0706 reaction time, but when push came to shove, Tutle’s 4.4382 and 200.3000 mph was no match and Reynolds took second place.
Top Alchohol Flat had Tony Scarlata piloting Shazam and Bill Miller piloting Party to the Max. When this team was
up to run, most of the crew was on the same beach area where I was shooting. The crew watched as both pilots took off. They waited and next thing the crew all ran over to Max Davis and were high fiving one another. Miller cruised the river in 5.2308 seconds at 153.9376 mph over Scalata’s 5.4250 and 159.4084.
Pro Outlaw class had Vic Esposito piloting Freak Show and Chris Irick piloting Final Outlaw. Irick had a time of 5.2922 over Esposito’s 5.3352 however Irick dialed in a 5.5700 and broke out giving Esposito the win.
Michael Fullerton piloted Last Minute and Robb Burklin piloted The Pearl in the Pro Modified class. Both pilots were off to a great start however Fullerton pulled away for the win over Burklin.
Southwest Division 1 Pro Eliminator pilots Tom Wedic paired with Garrett Breistig. Breistig had a 6.5247 at 114.9281 to Wedic’s 7.1110 at 107.8884 win. Quick Eliminator had Mike Schiller who ran a 6.0116 at 139.8360 to Duane Thornton’s win with 7.2692 at 76.9614 (this was a double-breakout and Schiller broke out first). Top Eliminator had Gerry Yerex paired with Matt Crews. Crews pulled the win with a 7.0429 at 111.8770 over
Yerex 7.0462 at 97.8615 mph. Modified Eliminator paired Gary Gebert with Mike Munoz. Gebert’s 8.0840 at 105.7141 mph broke out giving Munoz the win with an 8.0633 at 93.4943 mph. Stock Eliminator paired Collin Denny with
Tara Scibner. Denny broke out on his run leaving Scibner the win. River Racer class had Scott Dolezal paired K Randy Melvin. Melvin pulled a 10.6755 at 72.3352 mph to Dolezal’s 10.0851 at 68.8032 mph for the win. And the final class was Personal Watercraft. Paired up was Chuck Brown and Sharon Holloway. Holloway dialed an 11.00 and ran 10.9919 at 65.0694 mph giving Brown the win with his 13.8643 at 50.2690 mph.
The next race is the World Finals being held at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ. This should be a great race with plenty of hot action on the liquid race course. This lake has in the past produced some of the quickest time for the quarter mile. As always, for the most current news, standing and results go to Photos from this race are posted on my site at www.spinningwheelsphotography. v
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