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 Wild Horse Pass Dragstrip decided to run double- weekend Team Summit races during the cooler time of the season
for 2018, kicking off Races 1 & 2 in January and then Races 3 & 4 in March. The results were big car counts, lots of rounds, good payouts, great weather and a lot of fun as the result.
As a reminder, the Race 1 finalists back in January were:
Sportsman winner Jessica Robinson, runner-up Jeff Ford; Pro class winner Robert Glass, runner-up Al Corda; Motorcycle winner Tyler Anderson, runner-up Mike Layton; and Super Pro class winner Greg Hicks, runner-up Bobby Marcheski.
For Race 2 in January, results are as follows: Sportsman class winner Jessica Robinson, runner-up Chase
Williams; Pro class winner Paul Lorton, runner-up Ross Walker; Super Pro class winner Greg Hicks, runner-up Paul Lorton; Motorcycle class winner Tyler Anderson, runner-up Jeremy March.
Then along came March for Races 3 and 4 over the same weekend. For race three on Saturday: Super pro winner David Veals, runner-up Matt Bong; Pro class winner Ken Passerby, runner-up Brian Fritz; Sportsman class winner Thomas Maynard, runner-up Vern Murphy; Motorcycle class winner Tyler Anderson, runner-up Wild Bill Carlson.
On Sunday it was Race 4 to finish off the weekend. For this Race 4 again, great weather and car count.
The Motorcycle class had lots of those hard two-wheeling charging racers. The win went to Mike Layton and runner up to Tyler Anderson. In the
double-breakout final, Layton had the lessor breakout to win.
Josh Edwards, the Sportsman winner, is the father of Junior Street participant Ryan “Girl” Edwards (the family’s daily driver was doing double duty - Josh in Sportsman and Ryan in Jr. Street)./ Dad took the win in the wagon over former National Bracket Champion Dave Muller.
The biggest class is always Pro and today was no exception. Seven tough rounds later, Seth Polvadore took his ‘79 Fairmont to the winner circle over good friend Paul Lorton and his ‘90 Mustang. Both cut great reaction times, but it was Polvadore who did the better job for the win for the Three Amigos racing team.
Super Pro class turned out to be the one to watch all weekend long.
Kelly Harper, who runs his beautiful Top Sportsman Shelby Mustang at the NHRA sportsman level (and whose crew chief on that car is good friend Mike Scott) brought out his trusty old ‘69 Camaro to have some fun. Never he nor Scott would image they would be
in the finals together. There were lots of fun and hugs in that the winner’s circle as each took a picture in each other’s photos. It was a close race all round; Harper 9.105 on 9.00 dial and Scott 7.677 on 7.67 dial. The reaction time advantage made the difference at the top end.
A big thank you to Advance Auto Parts Store, AZ Differential Specialist and Steve Watkins for helping the Team. We now go into summer racing which means “night’ time racing. v
Wild Horse Motorsports Park – Chandler, AZ Story & Photos by Victoria Griffey
         Race Four Motorcycle finalist; Winner Mike Layton, Runner Up Tyler Anderson
Race Four Sportsman Winner Josh Edwards
78 Arizona EXTREME Motorsports
Race Four Pro Winner Seth Polvadore
Race Four Winner Kelly Harper

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