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   ABOVE: Area 51 Racing scored well for the Febrauary 10th and 11th weekend with Geanine Ballard taing the Top Comp Eliminator Runner- Up trophy on Saturday, Mark Ballard taking the TopComp Eliminator Predator Win on Sunday, and Matt Ballard grabbing up the Double Down DragOut Gambler money on Sunday.
American DRAGCAR Season VII Area 51 Racing
Grand Championship Series Arizona Differential Specialists SportComp Eliminator Growler Racing TopComp Eliminator Race4Home Realty JuniorSport Eliminator JuniorComp Eliminator
ADouble Down DragOut Gambler
merican DRAGCAR kicked off Season VII on January 6th at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports
Park with its Area 51 Racing Junior Championship Series Season Opener followed a week later by the Area 51 Racing Grand Championship Series Season Opener on January 13th.
New for DRAGCAR this year is
the Junior Championship Series and
the implementation of the Pro tree in
all of the DRAGCAR non-breakout format categories. The is now a new TopComp Eliminator that allows the CrossTalk feature, and what a change
in the competition this all has made! DRAGCAR has added three new awards for those members who run perfect numbers during eliminations at each race. Right-On the Light, Dead-On the Index, and Perfect Performance are each new money-paying awards, paying as much as $250 for a single pass, win or lose.
As January 13th opened the season for the big cars, we were very curious to see how well racers would take to the new Pro tree format. The Pro tree start
was adopted for the 2018 DRAGCAR SportComp (S/E) and TopComp (T/E) Eliminators to make the racing more competitive as the Full tree statistically has too many red-light starts and almost as many late-leaves. A side benefit
of using the Pro tree is the ability to
do away with the “Box” handicap on electronics racers in the past. Now “box” racers & “no-box” racers get to run on the same indexing & penalty policy, and it has brought in a few more electronics racers. But because of the likelihood that having two categories instead of one would reduce field sizes and lower each category’s winner purses, DRAGCAR also created the CompStar Final Showdown, a final run- off between the S/E and T/E winners for an extra $100 to add to their category win pay.
In the Season Opener, we saw a 3-round field in T/E and a 5-round field in S/E with the closest race of the night being between Jeff Sefranek and Mark Ballard as they went at it in T/E E1. Sefranek, who was on a 10.95 index took almost a .060 advantage and was able to hold on for the win
at the other end by just .005, running 10.853 over the much quicker 10.551 on a 10.75 index. Daryl Nance picked up the Predator Win in T/E while
Ron Shelly snagged the Judicator points. Bob Thurston wrapped up the Annihilator Win in S/E and then took home the bonus money by beating out Daryl Nance for the CompStar Final Showdown Win as well. Geanine Ballard took the Low Qualifier Award, Daryl Nance bagged the Best Reaction
ABOVE: Daryl Nance collected the first TopComp Eliminator win of the season at January 13th’s Season Opener.
ABOVE: Bob Thurston won SportComp Eliminator and then beat out Daryl Nance in the CompStar Final Showdown for the bonus bucks and bragging rights. VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1 , 2018 79

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