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   The CompStar Final Showdown was yet again a killer all-out drag race as T/E Winner Mark Ballard lead S/E Winner Joe Bennett across the finish line by just a half car margin for the bonus cash win.
Time Of Eliminations Award, and Joe Bennett took away the Best Losing Package Award. In the Double Down DragOut Gambler, it was Mike Zimmerman collecting on the money.
In Race #2, both categories had about
the same sized fields but in a strange twist
of events, the race which started out on
the quarter mile was abruptly switched to
the eighth mile after one rounddue to big winds. We then saw a .013 race between
Mark Ballard and Geanine Ballard in E2
of T/E when Mark’s better RT looked to
be enough to do the job, but his off-pace 7.000 on a 6.75 index performance allowed Geanine to catch him with her 5.968 on a 5.90. Jeff Sefranek ended up with the win in the Final Round against Geanine Ballard due to a technicality as both racers staged with incorrectly entered indexes showing on the ET boards. The closest race of the day came in S/E when Defending DRAGSTAR Chris Holbrook took on last season’s #2 finisher, Kyle Holbrook and they knocked it out for a .002 second race with Chris winning with his 7.592 on a 7.55, over the under-index 7.654 on a 7.70. Butch Saylor ended up the S/E Annihilator Winner after facing Gary Cope
in the Final who was responsible for taking out Holbrook in the Semi’s. The CompStar Final Showdown saw Jeff Sefranek emerge the victor over Butch Saylor in an all-out drag race with Sefranek running 7.201 on a 7.15 to stay ahead of Saylor’s 6.910 on a 6.95 effort. Sefranek also picked p the Best Reaction Time Of Eliminations Award as well as the collecting on the T/E Bounty Reward on Ron Shelly; the Best Losing Package again went
to Joe Bennett. In the Double Down DragOut Gambler, Kim Zimmerman gathered up the cash this time around.
In Race #3, each category saw a few less entries as the double header weekend took it’s toll on racers and their equipment. The race continued to run on the 1/8 mile and racers only got one qualifying pass. In T/E in was Mark Ballard meeting Jeff Sefranek and Ballard evened up the score with a 10.866
on his 10.95 to send Sefranek’s 7.157 on a 7.05 packing. In S/E, Michael Porter took a slim .007 margin of victory over new points leader Butch Saylor with an under-index 7.916 on a 7.95 over a 6.945 on a 6.95. Not to be outdone, Bob Thurston then managed a .001 margin of victory over Rochelle Smith with his 7.697 on a 7.70 over her 7.870 on a 7.85. In the end it was Joe Bennett taking the S/E Exterminator Win over Mike O’Donnell, 6.762 on a 6.75 over 6.521 on a 6.50 . For the Compstar Final Showdown, Mark Ballard put a light on Joe Bennett and got there first with a 6.846 on his 6.80 over a 6.789 on a 6.75 effort. Geanine Ballard collected the Low Qualifier Award, yhe Best Reaction Time Of Eliminations Award went to Scott Gibson while Mike O’Donnell grabbed up the Best Losing Package Award. The Double Down DragOut Gambler turned out to be a DRAGCAR vs. ADRA battle as Matt Ballard went to the line against Jeremy Jacobs and came away the victor for the cash.
Thank You to ALL of the Racers, Sponsors, and Arizona drag racing facility Crews!
Next up will be GCS Race #4 & JCS Race #3 at Tucson Dragway on May 12th 2018.
   ABOVE: Joe Bennett in the near lane put a light on Mike O’Donnell in the SportComp Eliminator Final to win the class for Sunday.
RIGHT: Joe Bennett grabbed his first DRAGCAR win with his SportComp Eliminator Exterminator Win on Sunday.
  LEFT: Jeff Sefranek scored the TopComp Eliminator Annihilator and CompStar Final Showdown Wins on Saturday and the Judicator (points) Win on Sunday to come away from the weekend well in the lead of the Season VII points standings.
BELOW: Mark Ballard in the near lane gave up very little at the tree and got around Jeff Sefranek for the TopComp Eliminator Win on Sunday.
  Bring Your DragCar! v VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 1 , 2018 81

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